Tuesday, January 03, 2006

NoSkillz thinks I don't play enough online poker...

I wake up this morning and find THIS from our pal NoSkillz.

[23:35] NoSkillz: not playing? I'm playing more these days then you

[23:35] NoSkillz: ;):P

You silly, silly bastard. You should know me better than that.

Um yeah, I dont think so. It just happens that at 11:35 last evening I was watching a fantastic documentary called March of the Penguins.

Since Jan 1, 2006 00:00:00 till last evening (haven't played today yet) i've played:

983 hands of 100NL 6-max @ party
170 hands of 50NL 6-max @ stars
1 10+1 tournament with the 2+2 donks (busted out 3rd place... as in... not placed 3rd, busted third... weeeee)

My PT stats say I'm down $20 for all that hard work, so I feel pretty stupid but damnit it i'm running bad and playing bad too. Working on leak-plugging and learning a few new strategies these days though. Make that $31 with the 2+2 donkfest tournament.

I bluff too much with a 2nd CB right now which is my most major leak. Yesterday I fired a f'in 3rd round into a maniac on a Q high board. A $50 bet into a $50 pot is pretty stiff for him to call with TPGK but I'm an idiot for trying it in the first place. I thought he was weak what can I say.

To all my readers (all 2 of you)... DONT BLUFF PEOPLE WHO CANT FOLD.



Matt said...

Hehe...yeah, I guess I'm behind you a bit! But I am up to 414 hands played in '06, more than the entire months of November and December!!! Whoo!

dave said...

I have found that playing social poker is the hardest game of all. When I play poker with players that take it seriously I do better. When I play where it is really a social night out for the boys I don't do as well. So my next thought is when you hit someone in one of the online games that is a bit whacked how do ever know what to do.

Slim1Der said...

To all my readers (all 2 of you)... DONT BLUFF PEOPLE WHO CANT FOLD.

Good advice. You now have 3 readers...lol.