Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm on a Time Out.

Well, as my last post indicates I'm having a bit of a time of getting "regular" this month. Yes, my fibre intake is OK.

Along those lines, I'm spending a bit more time working on my "business" projects. I don't think I've ever discussed what I do for a living here (no, not poker obviously) actually now that I think of it. These days I'm a computer programmer working mostly in the web, databases, bit of desktop applications, middleware, internet protocols. Basically, I do it all - and working for a small software company I have to.

I also run a little business outside of my 9-5 M-F job which allows me to use some of my spare time towards making myself extra money which pays for things like my golf club membership - and that's what im trying to focus on to take my head out of poker for a couple of days to re-charge.

Hope y'all who read this little blog are running well and hitting flops. I'll be back in the saddle shortly.

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dave said...

Well that was nice to find out. I used to do some code work for a division of Siemens but gave that up about 15 years back.