Monday, October 31, 2005

Golf & Poker? Well, Just Poker For A While...

I think golf season is over. Yesterday was a very nice 15 degrees, good sun, nice breeze... a nice fall day. But I don't expect more of this weather in southern ontario for a while... so my clubs and shoes are clean and in my basement waiting for next season. Hey, I could get lucky and be able to go out next weekend who knows? I'm not going to bet on it though.

Yesterday's golf was typical of my year, a few good spots with a lot of little mistakes. I'm still striking the ball pretty well, but there's something missing in my accuracy and fine distance control. It's amazing how 5 yards extra carry can change a hole from a birdie opportunity into a bogey save opp. Oh well, it was a fun year. I didn't play as much as I wanted to due to the extreme temperatures, but I really can't complain.

On to poker... I finally caught some luck on Stars and made around 225 one evening. Also, my new account at Party is ready so i've been playing there for a few hundred hands so far... got sucked out on for a stack ($100) yesterday but made it back after a few hundred more hands.

I'll update on the bankroll in a few thousand more hands... it doesn't really have to be weekly. As long as it's moving forward at a decent clip i'm happy.

Perhaps I should start making some compilation posts of interesting poker web sites / pages each week... that sound good?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Remind me again why I dislike tournaments?

Oh yeah, because I like to go deep in them and then do something really stupid.

The inaugural pokerstars blogger tourney was just exited by yours truly.

I did well for a while, running my chips up to 25th or so with 800 remaining, but then a cold spell of cards hit and as the blinds went up, my chips went down.

My final hand I held QQ on the button with 10k in chips, two limpers to me and I made it 2000 to go with blinds at 200/400 ante 25. One caller. Flop was 3-hearts with a King. Checked to me, I bet 4k into a 5k pot and he c/r's me all in which I call. At this point i'm praying he's drawing to his hearts as I dont see him limping AK but no... A3 hearts and i'm toast.

It was a nice flop for him, but I should have checked immediately on that flop and conserved my chips. DUMBASS.

Anyhoo, thats why I dont play tournaments... because I like to go 2 hours and then fuck it all up.

On the upside, I got to play with Matt "Jacksup" Matros for a few hands though we never tangled.

I finished ahead of a lot of players who I respect (277 out of 1473), so I figure i didn't donk it up totally.

Thanks PokerStars... you're the best!

My cash games have not treated me well this weekend. One of my first hands today I get AA and re-raise an early raiser, one donk calls, the raiser pushes for another $10, I re-raise to $50 and the donk calls. Flop is Kxx two hearts. I push my remaining 43, donk calls... blank.. heart.

Guess what the donk has? thats right bitches, J9s in hearts. That silly fucker called $50 of real no-nonsense money at a 100NL table pre-flop with fucking Jack Nine Suited.

After dropping a bit more, i worked it back to only be down $40 for the day.

I wish stars had a buddy list.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Going down down baby...

Today I played a short one-table session. Was down quickly around $90, then got back to even, then this. Two hands in a row... the poker gods have smoten me... SMOTEN ME.

Hand 1:
Villain has $31.50
Hero has a whole crapload more

Hero flops top set on a 9d8s6s board and bets out $3
Villain raises to $9, Hero re-raises to $30, villain calls all-in

Turn: 3c
River: 8d

What's villain got? You got it, a pair of 8's. Rivered his fabulous 1 outer. Can't beat variance fellows. 94% favorite here.

Hand 2:
(right afterwards)
Villain is a moron maniac and has 117, Hero covers

Hero has 5s Ks in SB and completes

($3) Flop is 5c 5h Js
Hero checks, both others check. No draws on board so I figure I need to let some rope out to make some $$.

($3) Turn is Ac
Hero bets $2, one fold, Villain calls

($7) River is 7c
Hero bets $5, Villain raises to $15, hero calls

Villain shows down Kc 6c for the runner runner flush.

UGH. Was a 95% favorite on the flop here.. rough.

Listen, i'm not complaining about bad beats. These things DO happen and I dont feel bad about losing the money when I got $$ in good. I suppose the river on the second I could have check/called but against this donk you never know what you're going to see in his pocket.

That's a loss of $70 for the session, and I'm overall down a whopping $44 at Stars right now through 2850 hands since I moved from Party Skins.

This below-average luck thing is getting old. I can't get ahead and am constantly playing catch-up in sessions. Perhaps I need to get out and play some other sites when the bonus clears... it really is just bad luck at the moment.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Poker Bad Run Continues... Blah....

Yeah, it sucks. Lots of hands where I had to fold big hands to bigger ones, lots of hands where the opponent sucked out on me.

Was originally up around $100 for the day in a few hundred hands of 2-tabling. Then dropped a massive $170 at one table in an unending string of beats that actually had me pissed off (it takes a lot). Ended the day down $80... ugh. Ugly. Still not horribly bad numbers but its definately some shitty variance.

Last hand I played I fired un-improved KQ into the flop and turn against a calling station. When I do stupid shit like that it's time to quit. "Bluff Morons Less" should be written over my desk.

Meh, down around $100 at Stars $100 NL. That's really nothing as its virtually break-even but I feel like I can't get ahead so far. Still, I enjoyed that bluff yesterday though I think it was ill-advised. Sure was fun.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Position Power

Now, I won't justify this hand as being played well on my part, nor will I do this often, but it clearly illustrates how position at the poker table can be leveraged even against the craziest, loosest of players.

SB in this hand is a true loose-aggressive maniac.

Pre-flop, i knew he would raise thus my call instead of a raise on the button. Why not let the maniac OOP run the hand? He's likely to whiff the flop and I'll steal it with a raise.

Flop: carried out the plan, problem is, he called. My thinking at this point is that he actually connected, but does not like his hand as the maniac he is would have re-raised a hand he liked.

Turn: maniac's dont check unless they're c/r'ing and I dont think this one is so let's grow a pair and bet like i've got him killed. He pauses, and calls again. Hmm. Wants a cheap showdown it seems like.

River: No draws completed, he's clearly got my hand beat but he doesn't know that. I figured I was around 50/50 here on getting a fold. Worst case i'll get piles of action next time I'm in a hand with him :) Fire away!

Yes, i'm an idiot, but these were actually my thought processes at the time.

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $1.00 BB (6 handed) converter

Hero ($75.45)

SB ($227.80)

BB ($90.30)

UTG ($31.90)

MP ($84)

CO ($24.85)

Preflop: Hero is Button with 7s, 7c.

2 folds, CO calls $1, Hero calls $1, SB raises to $4, 1 fold, CO folds, Hero calls $3.

Flop: ($10) Ts, Kd, 2c (2 players)

SB bets $4, Hero raises to $10, SB calls $6.

Turn: ($30) Jc (2 players)

SB checks, Hero bets $20, SB calls $20.

River: ($70) 3d (2 players)

SB checks, Hero bets $41.45 (All-In), SB folds.

Final Pot: $111.45

Monday, October 17, 2005

Running Bad

Wow it blows to run bad at this game. I'm getting pretty mediocre cards for the most part, so no easy money. Grinding like mad to keep up with the beats is mentally draining. A typical session at the moment is going, lose half the stack on a beat, grind it back, lose it again. Ugh.

Here's a few ugly hands, I think i'm on one of my natural downswings right now, and am not getting the least bit upset with these... check em out.

Bigger losers today:
Lose $34 with 99 as an overpair to a guy who flopped two pair
Lose $33 with AQ to A8 when he hit runner runner for a flush
Lose $27 with KQ on a Q high board against AJ when he hits running cards for two pair
Lose $27 with QQ as an overpair on a 66T board against a LAG (64s baby)
Lose $14 with AA on a 4-5-9 flop to a guy who pushes his tiny stack with J9 and hits a 9 on the turn

Meh... I can't get mad about that stuff... thats just poker... but the unfortunate thing is the poker gods like to stick those things together to bring doubt to a faithful player like me.

Either that or Stars is rigged! Umm.. nah.

Anyhoo, dropped $80 today on stars total. That's really not bad at all considering how my hands played out. Any time I escape a "bad day" without dropping 2 buy-ins, i'm happy.

Friday, October 14, 2005

This Week In Poker

Well, it's about that time again boys and girls.

Due to the party skinning issue, I was seriously out of commission as most of my BR was sitting in EuroBet. Finally that money transferred into Neteller, so I decided to at least push a few bucks into Stars for their current bonus. I still haven't decided what to do about party. They cost me at least a few days of play this week, jackasses.

Ok, i'll do my best. I played 1x$10 buy-in tourney at stars and finished at 304 of 1400 when I did a stupid and called an all-in on an ace high flop with AJ. DUMB DEE DUMB DUMB DUMB.

I played a few hundred hands of 100NL at Stars. I'm barely ahead, but adapting to their play. It is slightly different than party, and I actually had a decent lag at my table yesterday which is rare. Oh well.


Stars: $890.57
EuroBet: $24.43 + $25 bonus (which I dont know if i'll take the time to clear anymore)
Neteller: $1966.00

I have also learned that trying to work off the eurobet bonus playing 0.5/1 6-max is boring, and i'm not very good at it because I dont enjoy 5-to-the-flop limit poker anymore.

BR Total: $2881 + bonuses being worked off (they dont count)

The $100 is to extract my original online poker investment so my real-life people can't complain i'm blowing my money on the game. Thank you to all the people who i've ever sucked out on in order to build this rather tiny (but liveable) bankroll.



Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Sky Is Falling

I got skinned this weekend along with a few thousand other high volume players who enjoyed the bonuses at party skins better than partypoker itself. As i'm sure all of my poker-crazy readers have heard, Party created a private "skin" network, and kept the other 60k fish online at a time for their own network. That means I can't keep my Eurobet account open since the pond dried up.

So, of course, I cashed most of my eurobet bucks out, leaving only enough to work off a small bonus which is not cleared.

What this means it that I have a bunch of cash in Neteller with no clear direction to go. So many tempting sites to play on, so little time. Party itself I would love to not go back to, but what can i say... gotta go where the money is so that might be where I end up. Full Tilt, Stars, even iPoker network seems to be calling for a bit of my action though so we'll see.

Here's to hoping my eurobet cashout comes through shortly!

Played 9 holes saturday, 9 on sunday, and 18 monday over our long weekend for Canadian thanksgiving. Fun stuff and didn't come out behind on the bets so that works for me. I'm going to miss golf this winter.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Casino Niagara Tonight

Just finished up a short (3 hour) session at Casino Niagara's Poker Room. Unfortunately, I got stuck at 3/6 and couldnt get a move to the 1/2 NL games. On the up-side... the players were awful and I won a lot of bets from them (+161 in 3 hours play).

Not a big fan of bingo-poker, but if you nut peddle its hard to lose too much there.

You can't blow someone off a hand because they have never learned to fold. Seriously.... 2 hands didn't showdown at the table all night... scary.

NoSkillz kicked some butt too.

Oh, and for the poker room... the dealers are definately getting far better than when it opened.

Of course, there were milkshakes tonight, per ritual of a winning evening. Medium chocolate from McD's at 2:30am. Yeah baby.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Poker Makes Sense Again...

The good news is i'm on a bit of a heater in poker right now. The bad news of the week was that the expected start of the STGCCPT was cancelled due to illness on behalf of our host - twice. The other bad news was that I don't think we have enough regulars to put together a good game yet. Blah. I can't stand people who don't do what they say they're going to do.

Obligatory Bankroll Update:
Stars: no change
Party: $2512.74 (+$25 bonus being worked on but I won't count it)

Change: +$545.64 in 5 playing days.

I'll take it. That's progress though I know I've got lucky a few times which is unusual for me. Example, got it all-in on a flop with an overpair against a guy with a shitty two pair and caught a pairing card to corrupt him. I admit i've been a luckbox lately.

The other thing to note is that I've been tuning up the aggression a bit again. Post-flop streets are getting far better for me as I'm putting on huge pressure and it seems to be paying off. Note, nobody will ever call me a LAG (it's not my style), but I'm definately starting to push pressure points on the opponents more. NoSkillz thinks it's due to the fact that my bankroll is healthy for the limits I play and frankly I agree - without the ability to feel comfortable betting my $$ in the bad spots I'm screwed.

Also please note that my pal NoSkillz always has me sitting on his left re-raising when he flat-calls a LAG's bets... so that can't be fun.

There was whisper of a casino trip tonight. I won't put my $$ on that, but its possible I could have another fabulous B&M trip report for all one of you who read this blog.

Oh, and should have a good weekend of golf ahead of me! That's excitement.

Monday, October 03, 2005

100 Posts! Feel the excitement.

Yes, that's right, this is post #100 if my blogger interface is correct. Weeee...

Anyhow, down to the nuts and bolts.

Yesterday at golf I was not striking the ball awfully well, but yanked a 76 out of St. Catharines G&CC somehow so no complaints. Won a whopping $15 bucks after losing $10 in the nassau's and winning $25 for a skin on #6 when I donked it in from the greenside rough.

Yes, I donked it. Total luckbox.

Poker Bankroll:
Party Account: 1967.10
Change in the past 9 days: +$80.79

Well that's not very good. Unfortunately I dropped $150 last night, in one case dropped $40 on a moran where I didnt buy he had an ace (he did -- I'm dumb). In another dropped $50 on a true maniac where my JJ failed to beat Q7o (he flopped a Q and I was committed -- plus he was full of shit), and another 50 somehow I forget. In any case, I honestly think last night showed me my first real case of tilt, except it's not bad beat tilt, it's boredom tilt.

The guys at Up For Poker were talking about boredom tilt like this. That's a scary thought and perhaps i'll take their suggestion to take my non-nutpeddling tendencies to the smaller NL tables if i'm feeling like playing loosey goosey.

Oh well. Really looking forward to the PokerStars poker blogger tourney later this month... that's going to be fun.

Hope my next 100 posts are far better than my first 100. Maybe i'll express some actual strategy sometime. Believe it or not I actually have learned a few things about this game, but I don't feel like i'm good enough to give people my opinions.

Also, I think I might look for a poker coach... re-investing some winnings to make more winnings down the road seems like a +EV move.