Saturday, October 22, 2005

Going down down baby...

Today I played a short one-table session. Was down quickly around $90, then got back to even, then this. Two hands in a row... the poker gods have smoten me... SMOTEN ME.

Hand 1:
Villain has $31.50
Hero has a whole crapload more

Hero flops top set on a 9d8s6s board and bets out $3
Villain raises to $9, Hero re-raises to $30, villain calls all-in

Turn: 3c
River: 8d

What's villain got? You got it, a pair of 8's. Rivered his fabulous 1 outer. Can't beat variance fellows. 94% favorite here.

Hand 2:
(right afterwards)
Villain is a moron maniac and has 117, Hero covers

Hero has 5s Ks in SB and completes

($3) Flop is 5c 5h Js
Hero checks, both others check. No draws on board so I figure I need to let some rope out to make some $$.

($3) Turn is Ac
Hero bets $2, one fold, Villain calls

($7) River is 7c
Hero bets $5, Villain raises to $15, hero calls

Villain shows down Kc 6c for the runner runner flush.

UGH. Was a 95% favorite on the flop here.. rough.

Listen, i'm not complaining about bad beats. These things DO happen and I dont feel bad about losing the money when I got $$ in good. I suppose the river on the second I could have check/called but against this donk you never know what you're going to see in his pocket.

That's a loss of $70 for the session, and I'm overall down a whopping $44 at Stars right now through 2850 hands since I moved from Party Skins.

This below-average luck thing is getting old. I can't get ahead and am constantly playing catch-up in sessions. Perhaps I need to get out and play some other sites when the bonus clears... it really is just bad luck at the moment.



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