Friday, October 07, 2005

Poker Makes Sense Again...

The good news is i'm on a bit of a heater in poker right now. The bad news of the week was that the expected start of the STGCCPT was cancelled due to illness on behalf of our host - twice. The other bad news was that I don't think we have enough regulars to put together a good game yet. Blah. I can't stand people who don't do what they say they're going to do.

Obligatory Bankroll Update:
Stars: no change
Party: $2512.74 (+$25 bonus being worked on but I won't count it)

Change: +$545.64 in 5 playing days.

I'll take it. That's progress though I know I've got lucky a few times which is unusual for me. Example, got it all-in on a flop with an overpair against a guy with a shitty two pair and caught a pairing card to corrupt him. I admit i've been a luckbox lately.

The other thing to note is that I've been tuning up the aggression a bit again. Post-flop streets are getting far better for me as I'm putting on huge pressure and it seems to be paying off. Note, nobody will ever call me a LAG (it's not my style), but I'm definately starting to push pressure points on the opponents more. NoSkillz thinks it's due to the fact that my bankroll is healthy for the limits I play and frankly I agree - without the ability to feel comfortable betting my $$ in the bad spots I'm screwed.

Also please note that my pal NoSkillz always has me sitting on his left re-raising when he flat-calls a LAG's bets... so that can't be fun.

There was whisper of a casino trip tonight. I won't put my $$ on that, but its possible I could have another fabulous B&M trip report for all one of you who read this blog.

Oh, and should have a good weekend of golf ahead of me! That's excitement.

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