Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Poker Bad Run Continues... Blah....

Yeah, it sucks. Lots of hands where I had to fold big hands to bigger ones, lots of hands where the opponent sucked out on me.

Was originally up around $100 for the day in a few hundred hands of 2-tabling. Then dropped a massive $170 at one table in an unending string of beats that actually had me pissed off (it takes a lot). Ended the day down $80... ugh. Ugly. Still not horribly bad numbers but its definately some shitty variance.

Last hand I played I fired un-improved KQ into the flop and turn against a calling station. When I do stupid shit like that it's time to quit. "Bluff Morons Less" should be written over my desk.

Meh, down around $100 at Stars $100 NL. That's really nothing as its virtually break-even but I feel like I can't get ahead so far. Still, I enjoyed that bluff yesterday though I think it was ill-advised. Sure was fun.


dave said...

Does sound like a bad day but 80$ is not much of a loss for an entire day. Come on next day!!!

golfing-babes said...

Are you good at golf? I need lessons!! come play with me tomorrow! get tee times here tee times for golf see you on the first hold ;-)