Friday, October 14, 2005

This Week In Poker

Well, it's about that time again boys and girls.

Due to the party skinning issue, I was seriously out of commission as most of my BR was sitting in EuroBet. Finally that money transferred into Neteller, so I decided to at least push a few bucks into Stars for their current bonus. I still haven't decided what to do about party. They cost me at least a few days of play this week, jackasses.

Ok, i'll do my best. I played 1x$10 buy-in tourney at stars and finished at 304 of 1400 when I did a stupid and called an all-in on an ace high flop with AJ. DUMB DEE DUMB DUMB DUMB.

I played a few hundred hands of 100NL at Stars. I'm barely ahead, but adapting to their play. It is slightly different than party, and I actually had a decent lag at my table yesterday which is rare. Oh well.


Stars: $890.57
EuroBet: $24.43 + $25 bonus (which I dont know if i'll take the time to clear anymore)
Neteller: $1966.00

I have also learned that trying to work off the eurobet bonus playing 0.5/1 6-max is boring, and i'm not very good at it because I dont enjoy 5-to-the-flop limit poker anymore.

BR Total: $2881 + bonuses being worked off (they dont count)

The $100 is to extract my original online poker investment so my real-life people can't complain i'm blowing my money on the game. Thank you to all the people who i've ever sucked out on in order to build this rather tiny (but liveable) bankroll.




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Couch Potato said...

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