Saturday, October 08, 2005

Casino Niagara Tonight

Just finished up a short (3 hour) session at Casino Niagara's Poker Room. Unfortunately, I got stuck at 3/6 and couldnt get a move to the 1/2 NL games. On the up-side... the players were awful and I won a lot of bets from them (+161 in 3 hours play).

Not a big fan of bingo-poker, but if you nut peddle its hard to lose too much there.

You can't blow someone off a hand because they have never learned to fold. Seriously.... 2 hands didn't showdown at the table all night... scary.

NoSkillz kicked some butt too.

Oh, and for the poker room... the dealers are definately getting far better than when it opened.

Of course, there were milkshakes tonight, per ritual of a winning evening. Medium chocolate from McD's at 2:30am. Yeah baby.


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