Monday, October 17, 2005

Running Bad

Wow it blows to run bad at this game. I'm getting pretty mediocre cards for the most part, so no easy money. Grinding like mad to keep up with the beats is mentally draining. A typical session at the moment is going, lose half the stack on a beat, grind it back, lose it again. Ugh.

Here's a few ugly hands, I think i'm on one of my natural downswings right now, and am not getting the least bit upset with these... check em out.

Bigger losers today:
Lose $34 with 99 as an overpair to a guy who flopped two pair
Lose $33 with AQ to A8 when he hit runner runner for a flush
Lose $27 with KQ on a Q high board against AJ when he hits running cards for two pair
Lose $27 with QQ as an overpair on a 66T board against a LAG (64s baby)
Lose $14 with AA on a 4-5-9 flop to a guy who pushes his tiny stack with J9 and hits a 9 on the turn

Meh... I can't get mad about that stuff... thats just poker... but the unfortunate thing is the poker gods like to stick those things together to bring doubt to a faithful player like me.

Either that or Stars is rigged! Umm.. nah.

Anyhoo, dropped $80 today on stars total. That's really not bad at all considering how my hands played out. Any time I escape a "bad day" without dropping 2 buy-ins, i'm happy.

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