Monday, October 31, 2005

Golf & Poker? Well, Just Poker For A While...

I think golf season is over. Yesterday was a very nice 15 degrees, good sun, nice breeze... a nice fall day. But I don't expect more of this weather in southern ontario for a while... so my clubs and shoes are clean and in my basement waiting for next season. Hey, I could get lucky and be able to go out next weekend who knows? I'm not going to bet on it though.

Yesterday's golf was typical of my year, a few good spots with a lot of little mistakes. I'm still striking the ball pretty well, but there's something missing in my accuracy and fine distance control. It's amazing how 5 yards extra carry can change a hole from a birdie opportunity into a bogey save opp. Oh well, it was a fun year. I didn't play as much as I wanted to due to the extreme temperatures, but I really can't complain.

On to poker... I finally caught some luck on Stars and made around 225 one evening. Also, my new account at Party is ready so i've been playing there for a few hundred hands so far... got sucked out on for a stack ($100) yesterday but made it back after a few hundred more hands.

I'll update on the bankroll in a few thousand more hands... it doesn't really have to be weekly. As long as it's moving forward at a decent clip i'm happy.

Perhaps I should start making some compilation posts of interesting poker web sites / pages each week... that sound good?

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