Monday, October 03, 2005

100 Posts! Feel the excitement.

Yes, that's right, this is post #100 if my blogger interface is correct. Weeee...

Anyhow, down to the nuts and bolts.

Yesterday at golf I was not striking the ball awfully well, but yanked a 76 out of St. Catharines G&CC somehow so no complaints. Won a whopping $15 bucks after losing $10 in the nassau's and winning $25 for a skin on #6 when I donked it in from the greenside rough.

Yes, I donked it. Total luckbox.

Poker Bankroll:
Party Account: 1967.10
Change in the past 9 days: +$80.79

Well that's not very good. Unfortunately I dropped $150 last night, in one case dropped $40 on a moran where I didnt buy he had an ace (he did -- I'm dumb). In another dropped $50 on a true maniac where my JJ failed to beat Q7o (he flopped a Q and I was committed -- plus he was full of shit), and another 50 somehow I forget. In any case, I honestly think last night showed me my first real case of tilt, except it's not bad beat tilt, it's boredom tilt.

The guys at Up For Poker were talking about boredom tilt like this. That's a scary thought and perhaps i'll take their suggestion to take my non-nutpeddling tendencies to the smaller NL tables if i'm feeling like playing loosey goosey.

Oh well. Really looking forward to the PokerStars poker blogger tourney later this month... that's going to be fun.

Hope my next 100 posts are far better than my first 100. Maybe i'll express some actual strategy sometime. Believe it or not I actually have learned a few things about this game, but I don't feel like i'm good enough to give people my opinions.

Also, I think I might look for a poker coach... re-investing some winnings to make more winnings down the road seems like a +EV move.


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