Sunday, October 28, 2007

Green With Envy

Well, here's the thing. This weekend is likely the last weekend of decent weather here in the great white north, so I had to go play golf even though the weather wasn't perfect. Saturday played 9 holes and quit for breakfast with Harry, today I couldn't get out of bed, looked too cold out. Though when I did wake up at 11, it looked beautiful. DAMNIT. So I guess I missed out on some golf.

Now, on to the real meat of this post. Because of a prior booked business happening, I am missing out on playing Oakmont. THE Oakmont. Now, if this were Augusta I swore to Harry i'd have quit my job to play it but this is Oakmont, which isn't tooooo far behind.

Now, a bit of irony which I did neglect to mention to anyone. Originally my trip was scheduled Monday to Thursday this upcoming week. That means i'd be flying on Oakmont day so couldn't swing it. The Oakmont trip came up, my tickets were booked... I'm screwed. Well what did they do last week? They moved my flight to TUESDAY to Friday. Yep, could have played Oak-bloody-mont. Fortunately I met a member at my club yesterday who might have some connections so I might not have missed out on a life experience permanently here. Still, sucks. I briefly thought of poisoning Jon who got my spot for Oakmont last night at the party but decided against.

Gotta get a camera to take a pic of my new Langley Cup award for winning the club's low-handicap match play tourney. Will post that when I get my first opportunity.

Peace out.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Live Cards & Golf This Weekend

Friday afternoon I had the unusual urge to go play cards live @ the casino. Normally I'm happy to sit in the luxury of my office and play a couple tables online but when the urge the play live comes up, well, I've gotta do it.

So I make my way to the bank machine, withdraw $300 and figure I'll go play whatever the highest game they had running at Casino Niagara. Turns out they had 1/2NL, 2/5NL and 2/5 limit. Naturally I picked the no-limit and spent the next HOUR waiting for a seat. BAH, I hate waiting to play poker. At this point I was seriously hating myself for taking my action away from online but then they call me for 1/2. I think they screwed up my 2/5 seat (surprise) as I never got a call even later for it.

I get a seat in the game I was watching from the rail. Fantastic table! Lots of loose pre-flop calling and lots of calling down. My first hand I fold, then proceed to watch seat 2 and seat 7 go to war. They build a $200 pot and 7 calls the $70 on the river with... yep... Ace King high. And naturally he wins. Good table.

My first big hand I get QQ in BB, 4 limpers to me and I raise to $12. 3 callers. Pot is $50.

Flop is 678 all spades ( I don't have the Q spades ). I reach for my chips (all $85 left) and notice the guy on my left is grabbing his already. Tell? haha. Anyways, I work through it in my head what my odds are versus the Ace of Spades, and I figure we're coin flipping 50/50 (he's actually slightly ahead). I bet $45 and he calls. Turn is ace offsuit, I put the rest of my ($40) chips in on that ugly card hoping the silly bastard had K high, nope. River is the Queen of spades. I don't think I can get away from this hand given the short stacks and big pot on the flop. Push the flop, he's still got odds. Check the flop and he bets, I've got odds. There's no way I can see to make them make a mistake except if I check and they check behind, but then I let the spades out there draw free. Ugly hand. Maybe i'm a donk and am missing something.

I double up with AA v KQ on a K high flop later, then lose $10 when I called the donk on my right's raise PF with 33 (we were deep enough) only to have the button push. AA > QQ > 33.

In another hand, I limp TT UTG (nobody folds at this table). Guy on my left raises to $5 (first time he's done that), folded to button who raises to $25. I think for a few and fold, guy on my left calls. Flop is T22, Turn T, River blank. Button shows AK, guy on left shows A7. Sigh, if it werent for the confusing raise of the dude behind me I might have peeled but as played at full ring I think my line is OK.

I finish the game down $70 after 4 hours. I'd like to note that auto-shufflers make live poker far far better. It was worth playing, and I'll probably go again when bored one evening.

In golf news, I played like poo on saturday shooting 84 and losing no less than SIX hollywood games (-$12). I didn't win or tie ONE. On Sunday I played a bit better, shooting 77 but making no skins (-$10) and losing FIVE hollywood games (-$10). Yeah, bad weekend for wagering.

That's it. Hopefully we'll get another nice weekend of weather, this one was beautiful. Scary nice for late October. Golf's definitely winding down with the season but i'll be playing until it snows as usual.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Absolute Poker Scandal

So it seems that the folks at Absolute Poker have a "god account" to see everyone's cards and someone used its benefits to win a recent major tournament. Unfortunately for Absolute, it seems the geeks have figured this out through some snooping around. This is not 100% verified, since few things on the 'Net are, but the evidence is pretty damning.

Dean covers it at his blog. Check out the absolute poker cheater story here. It seems some Internet Poker might be rigged after all. But that's not to say that all sites are bad.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Golf, Hockey & Poker -- All This Weekend!

Saturday morning I joined Matt for some golf at the club. We both played horribly and quit after 9 for breakfast. 2 eggs over easy, rye toast, hash browns & coffee for the win.

In the afternoon, I played a bit of online poker (losing a bit) and then Matt & I took off to Buffalo for the Sabres/Capitals game. We grabbed some sick wings before the game and it was a fun evening overall. Sabres won 7-3. Check out Matt's buffalo sabres blog.

Now, today, Sunday, is where it gets weird. I go out for a round with the usual guys this morning and I play relatively not bad firing a 75 off the blue tees (that sicko Matt was 2 under). Won a skin for a $10 profit. Yay. Then the plan was to come home to play the PokerStars Blogger Freeroll (40k in prizes, siiick). Well, that didn't last long which is both a blessing and a curse.

2 major hands to discuss:

Table is aggressive with 3-bet seemingly normal. The blinds at $50/$100 and I have $9500, Villain covers.
I open AKo in MP for $300, folded to BB who re-pops to $750. I call. Flop is a nice dry J-6-2 rainbow. Villain bets $1k into a $1500 pot, I pop it to $3k. He pauses a few seconds before pushing and I fold.

I'm not sure i'd play this hand any differently if I did it again, I like the line and I think if he doesn't have a huge pair I'm taking this down most of the time, comments welcome.


Table is still the same, blinds are $100/$200. I have KK in SB with $6500 chips. MP opens for $600, two callers in the middle. I raise to $2200. MP says "Not getting away with that." so obviously my play looks exactly like a squeeze/steal. He calls, button calls.

Flop is 8-8-6 two spades. Perfect. I push for my remaining $4.5k into a $6.5k pot. He runs his time down, runs his extra time down 30 seconds and calls. Button folds and I flip my KK. He flips 55.

Naturally he catches his two outer and i'm busto within the first hundred or so players gone of 1337 runners. I typed in gg, chuckled to myself and didn't sweat it. He said "sorry" into the window and I closed PokerStars. Meh, hurts more when it's real money.


OK, so I'm itching to play cards and the tourney gave me no satisfaction, so I open a PLHE $50 table at FTP. Naturally I get stuck almost 2 buyins vs. the greatest maniac in the history of the world. 60/30/2 stats and he keeps catching on me. Going to be a looong afternoon. I get back to +$10 and then go down to -$75. Grr. Meanwhile the table is crazy.

I double through the maniac to be at $100, maniac covers, guy on my left covers (he's pretty good and tough, I'll call him GOTL). Then this one happens....

Let me set this up by mentioning that the hand previous I open AKs on Button, guy on my left calls, and then SB who is tight tight tight 3-bets. I fold guy on the left folds.

I get QQ in the next hand. I open again, GOTL calls, the BB calls.
Flop is Q 4 2 all clubs.
I fire pot ($5), GOTL raises to $16, BB folds and I try and decide whether to push or call. GOTL can do this with a bare ace of clubs and that's what I stick him on. I call fully willing to fold to a turn club but planning to check raise all in.
Turn is a beautiful Ace of Spades. I check to GOTL and after a short deliberation he bets $22 into a $35ish pot. I follow through my check raise and put my chips in. It's $72 or so back to him, basically a pot sized bet.
He lets his time run down and takes his extra time. He finally calls and flips over his.... 68 clubs! SHIT*(@#$*@(#$*@#

I don't know whether he legitimately put me on Ax of clubs or was just a slowrolling bastard but my yelling at my computer made the girlfriend walk out of the kitchen to see what's going on. The dealer then peels off an Ace on the river giving me the boat and bad-beating my associate. Sure, I had some outs but got my money in super-bad here. He deserves it if he's slowrolling though.

$224 pot at 50PL, ship it.

I took a few more bucks off the maniac and quit +$100 or so.

Then i remember that Party gave me $40 in credits. There's no way I can play 320 raked hands for PartyPoints with $40 at Party to clear it so I naturally turn to blackjack. House's money, I don't care.

I run that $40 into $200 at blackjack. So yeah, now I have money on Party. Wee.

How's that for a weekend?

Friday, October 12, 2007

I Still Hate Tournaments

.... but I'm actually not bad at them...

Case in point. I'm working on some stuff for my business tonight and decide I can multitask so fire up a little Full Tilt. For some reason the PLO and NL games aren't calling my name so I go and check out the tournaments which I NEVER do. I notice in my cashier that I have a $26 tournament token that I won playing a $6+.50 Double Heads Up SnG when I mistakenly took it for a cash HU game. A $24+2 NLHE tourney is starting in 18 minutes... so... I decide to burn my token and off we go.

I won't give you the play by play because I'm boring enough to read, but the overall tournament had 1185 players for a prize pool of $28.5k. Well, that's worth winning and the first hour is straightforward 2+2 poker anyways so i can focus on my work and hardly pay attention.

I survived the first and second hours with an above average chipstack before getting knocked down to average when i raised and continuation bet the flop in position to have the SB push on me (I had zippo natch). I became a short stack (M=3-5) but survived into the money (top 180) in the 3rd hour.

I get down to the last 35 players in the early fourth hour and look down upon JJ in early position. With my stack at 68k and the 3000/6000 750 ante blinds growing, I'm looking to double up to make a final table and I'm NOT folding JJ with M=4. I raise to 22k, Button pushes, and I call. He flips aces and I'm sent packing with a whole $103. *$@!


Anyhoo, so that's as close as I came to making an easy $5k the donkament way. Will be sticking to the cash tables me thinks.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Barry Greenstein Is A Super Guy

Again, I would like to state how awesome a guy Barry Greenstein is.

Following up my now famous (google loves me for the search term) LOL Donkaments post which covered Barry's mention of the Internet lingo on High Stakes Poker and the ensuing charity drive for Childrens Inc. in 2+2 BBV Forum, he gives a shout out to BBV on Poker After Dark in last night's episode.

You can check it out at NBC's site. Click Wednesday Segment 4. Will post it when it gets youtube'd by someone with more time on their hands than I.

Seriously, the guy is a consummate professional. He isn't a media whore, he isn't a jerk, he just goes about his business of playing cards for a living and being a winner in life. Good for you, sir.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Annoying WSOP & Lucky You Movie Review

I admit it, I watch a bit of poker on PokerTube. There's squat you can learn about poker from the televised crap, but it's sort of entertaining and so I watch when bored.

The amount of God references in this show, combined with Khan's antics... wow... tilt inducing. Was it Watkinson's wife throwing out prayers against Yang's church group table side? It's like battle of the Jesus freaks with a monkey boy thrown in.

I'm sure Khan and Yang are actually very nice people when they're not on TV, but they're bloody annoying on ESPN. I'd rather listen to Phil Hellmuth discuss his poker accomplishments from beginning to end while having my fingernails pulled out like that scene in Syriana than this shit.


I would also like to touch on the movie Lucky You which I guess was supposed to be released back when the poker boom was really in full stride. Well, it's awful and should have been burned. It has a lot of cameo's from today's top TV pros, even has quite a few real gambling stories built into it, but the acting... oh sweet god the acting... (see there's god popping up again, goddamnit). Eric Bana who was actually decent in Munich and Drew Barrymore who I don't mind in most stuff... so... fucking... awful. Seriously I think Keanu might have been brought in to give this guy acting lessons because his lines are absolutely forced and the story sucks too.

Barrymore plays a dumbshit who can't act to a tee and is not given too much screen time thankfully because this character is awful -- she isnt really this bad normally by any means. Nobody cares about their relationship because both are so poorly developed we don't like or care about either. Robert Duvall is actually decent in this movie, but can't carry it. The poker is shite as usual and the story swings from Huck (Bana) selling his mother's ring for $150 to him playing the highest game at Bellagio with $30k+ in a single evening. Yeah, heater I guess.

If by chance the movie comes on your home theatre for free -- as it did mine, then go ahead and kill 2 hours of your existance, but DO NOT pay money to watch this gigantic lump of shit that they smeared into a DVD. If you miss out on Lucky You entirely, count your blessings... you're the one that should feel lucky.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Well, I Was Supposed To Golf This Weekend

In truth, I was supposed to golf 3 days this long weekend in Canada. It didn't happen that way though.

When I named golf + poker (this fine, fine site you're reading), I recognized the balance of passions I feel for the games. In the spring summer, I obsess over golf and turn off the poker, and vice versa in the fall/winter. It keeps me sane to always have a game I love to play and they seem complimentary in seasons though we know poker runs all year long in truth. My time away from work is never without a game to play, and that's pretty cool.

So, this weekend I was supposed to play with Harry & Matt at Legends Usshers Creek saturday morning, then the club on sunday and monday morning.

Saturday I headed out with Harry to play Usshers. Matt dropped out at the last minute due to a doctors appointment. So there we are a two-some at 7:45 and we start playing a little match, of course. Harry has me 3 down after 6 and I'm hoping like hell to turn it around. I gain some traction and get it back to E after 13, then i'm one down, then even again. I win 16 with a good par vs. Harry's double. On 17, a long par 4, I get my ball in two down to ~70 yards through a goofy tee shot into the fescue area and a punch out of that. Harry's on in two. I hit my pitch 30 feet past the pin leaving a downhill right to left breaker and Harry just misses out for birdie and I give him the par putt. Well, wouldn't you know it, I drain this HUGE putt to go into 18 1 UP with 1 to go. Harry hits a drive left and hits an amazing shot out of some trouble onto the green.. awesome shot. My drive right leaves me a tough lie from fescue again, and I know I have to hit it up and over some trees, right to left draw, and land it soft on the green with a 3 iron. HA! Well, I think I would have had it if the fescue didn't compromise my club's contact. I put it in the water, Harry made his par and we tie. Neither of us played very well, I was 83 my first time out there but it was fun and we had almost no holdups and perfect weather.

Sunday I arrived at the club with the rain falling and having had done so for a few hours at least. I see Bernie, I see Dave G, and that's about it. Turns out Bernie has a 4-some, Dave G has Jon P and Terry M show up as well. Matt doesn't show, and I consider why I did either. I decide i'd rather sleep than play golf in this (Not exactly golf starved this season) and I head home.

And right now it's Monday morning. I'm not on the golf course, but I should be. Turns out that my alarm clock wailing at me could not break through the cloud of beer and wine and the triptophan from the turkey on Sunday night. Damn, looking out the window the weather couldn't be better and I missed my tee time by a long shot. Oh well maybe i'll go play 9 later.

No big news on the poker front. Still planning to play a lot more in the fall/winter and haven't yet flipped the switch. I did have to explain LOL DONKAMENTS to the girlfriend yesterday though which isn't as easy as one might expect.


Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm Playing PokerStars 40k Blogger Freeroll

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 9143080