Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Annoying WSOP & Lucky You Movie Review

I admit it, I watch a bit of poker on PokerTube. There's squat you can learn about poker from the televised crap, but it's sort of entertaining and so I watch when bored.

The amount of God references in this show, combined with Khan's antics... wow... tilt inducing. Was it Watkinson's wife throwing out prayers against Yang's church group table side? It's like battle of the Jesus freaks with a monkey boy thrown in.

I'm sure Khan and Yang are actually very nice people when they're not on TV, but they're bloody annoying on ESPN. I'd rather listen to Phil Hellmuth discuss his poker accomplishments from beginning to end while having my fingernails pulled out like that scene in Syriana than this shit.


I would also like to touch on the movie Lucky You which I guess was supposed to be released back when the poker boom was really in full stride. Well, it's awful and should have been burned. It has a lot of cameo's from today's top TV pros, even has quite a few real gambling stories built into it, but the acting... oh sweet god the acting... (see there's god popping up again, goddamnit). Eric Bana who was actually decent in Munich and Drew Barrymore who I don't mind in most stuff... so... fucking... awful. Seriously I think Keanu might have been brought in to give this guy acting lessons because his lines are absolutely forced and the story sucks too.

Barrymore plays a dumbshit who can't act to a tee and is not given too much screen time thankfully because this character is awful -- she isnt really this bad normally by any means. Nobody cares about their relationship because both are so poorly developed we don't like or care about either. Robert Duvall is actually decent in this movie, but can't carry it. The poker is shite as usual and the story swings from Huck (Bana) selling his mother's ring for $150 to him playing the highest game at Bellagio with $30k+ in a single evening. Yeah, heater I guess.

If by chance the movie comes on your home theatre for free -- as it did mine, then go ahead and kill 2 hours of your existance, but DO NOT pay money to watch this gigantic lump of shit that they smeared into a DVD. If you miss out on Lucky You entirely, count your blessings... you're the one that should feel lucky.

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WhyNot said...

I've always wanted to be a part of the WSOP. Guess I should schedule my next gambling trip to Vegas before the event.