Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Absolute Poker Scandal

So it seems that the folks at Absolute Poker have a "god account" to see everyone's cards and someone used its benefits to win a recent major tournament. Unfortunately for Absolute, it seems the geeks have figured this out through some snooping around. This is not 100% verified, since few things on the 'Net are, but the evidence is pretty damning.

Dean covers it at his blog. Check out the absolute poker cheater story here. It seems some Internet Poker might be rigged after all. But that's not to say that all sites are bad.

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Anonymous said...

Potripper scandal represents only the tip of the iceberg, I've played there for a few years and I suspect all the games are rigged and AP is collecting all important prizes from all tourneys with significant buy-ins using the Potripper method. So Potripper is the rule not the exception that proves the rule, they were stealing players money for years as they are probably still doing it right now ...