Sunday, October 21, 2007

Live Cards & Golf This Weekend

Friday afternoon I had the unusual urge to go play cards live @ the casino. Normally I'm happy to sit in the luxury of my office and play a couple tables online but when the urge the play live comes up, well, I've gotta do it.

So I make my way to the bank machine, withdraw $300 and figure I'll go play whatever the highest game they had running at Casino Niagara. Turns out they had 1/2NL, 2/5NL and 2/5 limit. Naturally I picked the no-limit and spent the next HOUR waiting for a seat. BAH, I hate waiting to play poker. At this point I was seriously hating myself for taking my action away from online but then they call me for 1/2. I think they screwed up my 2/5 seat (surprise) as I never got a call even later for it.

I get a seat in the game I was watching from the rail. Fantastic table! Lots of loose pre-flop calling and lots of calling down. My first hand I fold, then proceed to watch seat 2 and seat 7 go to war. They build a $200 pot and 7 calls the $70 on the river with... yep... Ace King high. And naturally he wins. Good table.

My first big hand I get QQ in BB, 4 limpers to me and I raise to $12. 3 callers. Pot is $50.

Flop is 678 all spades ( I don't have the Q spades ). I reach for my chips (all $85 left) and notice the guy on my left is grabbing his already. Tell? haha. Anyways, I work through it in my head what my odds are versus the Ace of Spades, and I figure we're coin flipping 50/50 (he's actually slightly ahead). I bet $45 and he calls. Turn is ace offsuit, I put the rest of my ($40) chips in on that ugly card hoping the silly bastard had K high, nope. River is the Queen of spades. I don't think I can get away from this hand given the short stacks and big pot on the flop. Push the flop, he's still got odds. Check the flop and he bets, I've got odds. There's no way I can see to make them make a mistake except if I check and they check behind, but then I let the spades out there draw free. Ugly hand. Maybe i'm a donk and am missing something.

I double up with AA v KQ on a K high flop later, then lose $10 when I called the donk on my right's raise PF with 33 (we were deep enough) only to have the button push. AA > QQ > 33.

In another hand, I limp TT UTG (nobody folds at this table). Guy on my left raises to $5 (first time he's done that), folded to button who raises to $25. I think for a few and fold, guy on my left calls. Flop is T22, Turn T, River blank. Button shows AK, guy on left shows A7. Sigh, if it werent for the confusing raise of the dude behind me I might have peeled but as played at full ring I think my line is OK.

I finish the game down $70 after 4 hours. I'd like to note that auto-shufflers make live poker far far better. It was worth playing, and I'll probably go again when bored one evening.

In golf news, I played like poo on saturday shooting 84 and losing no less than SIX hollywood games (-$12). I didn't win or tie ONE. On Sunday I played a bit better, shooting 77 but making no skins (-$10) and losing FIVE hollywood games (-$10). Yeah, bad weekend for wagering.

That's it. Hopefully we'll get another nice weekend of weather, this one was beautiful. Scary nice for late October. Golf's definitely winding down with the season but i'll be playing until it snows as usual.

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