Sunday, October 14, 2007

Golf, Hockey & Poker -- All This Weekend!

Saturday morning I joined Matt for some golf at the club. We both played horribly and quit after 9 for breakfast. 2 eggs over easy, rye toast, hash browns & coffee for the win.

In the afternoon, I played a bit of online poker (losing a bit) and then Matt & I took off to Buffalo for the Sabres/Capitals game. We grabbed some sick wings before the game and it was a fun evening overall. Sabres won 7-3. Check out Matt's buffalo sabres blog.

Now, today, Sunday, is where it gets weird. I go out for a round with the usual guys this morning and I play relatively not bad firing a 75 off the blue tees (that sicko Matt was 2 under). Won a skin for a $10 profit. Yay. Then the plan was to come home to play the PokerStars Blogger Freeroll (40k in prizes, siiick). Well, that didn't last long which is both a blessing and a curse.

2 major hands to discuss:

Table is aggressive with 3-bet seemingly normal. The blinds at $50/$100 and I have $9500, Villain covers.
I open AKo in MP for $300, folded to BB who re-pops to $750. I call. Flop is a nice dry J-6-2 rainbow. Villain bets $1k into a $1500 pot, I pop it to $3k. He pauses a few seconds before pushing and I fold.

I'm not sure i'd play this hand any differently if I did it again, I like the line and I think if he doesn't have a huge pair I'm taking this down most of the time, comments welcome.


Table is still the same, blinds are $100/$200. I have KK in SB with $6500 chips. MP opens for $600, two callers in the middle. I raise to $2200. MP says "Not getting away with that." so obviously my play looks exactly like a squeeze/steal. He calls, button calls.

Flop is 8-8-6 two spades. Perfect. I push for my remaining $4.5k into a $6.5k pot. He runs his time down, runs his extra time down 30 seconds and calls. Button folds and I flip my KK. He flips 55.

Naturally he catches his two outer and i'm busto within the first hundred or so players gone of 1337 runners. I typed in gg, chuckled to myself and didn't sweat it. He said "sorry" into the window and I closed PokerStars. Meh, hurts more when it's real money.


OK, so I'm itching to play cards and the tourney gave me no satisfaction, so I open a PLHE $50 table at FTP. Naturally I get stuck almost 2 buyins vs. the greatest maniac in the history of the world. 60/30/2 stats and he keeps catching on me. Going to be a looong afternoon. I get back to +$10 and then go down to -$75. Grr. Meanwhile the table is crazy.

I double through the maniac to be at $100, maniac covers, guy on my left covers (he's pretty good and tough, I'll call him GOTL). Then this one happens....

Let me set this up by mentioning that the hand previous I open AKs on Button, guy on my left calls, and then SB who is tight tight tight 3-bets. I fold guy on the left folds.

I get QQ in the next hand. I open again, GOTL calls, the BB calls.
Flop is Q 4 2 all clubs.
I fire pot ($5), GOTL raises to $16, BB folds and I try and decide whether to push or call. GOTL can do this with a bare ace of clubs and that's what I stick him on. I call fully willing to fold to a turn club but planning to check raise all in.
Turn is a beautiful Ace of Spades. I check to GOTL and after a short deliberation he bets $22 into a $35ish pot. I follow through my check raise and put my chips in. It's $72 or so back to him, basically a pot sized bet.
He lets his time run down and takes his extra time. He finally calls and flips over his.... 68 clubs! SHIT*(@#$*@(#$*@#

I don't know whether he legitimately put me on Ax of clubs or was just a slowrolling bastard but my yelling at my computer made the girlfriend walk out of the kitchen to see what's going on. The dealer then peels off an Ace on the river giving me the boat and bad-beating my associate. Sure, I had some outs but got my money in super-bad here. He deserves it if he's slowrolling though.

$224 pot at 50PL, ship it.

I took a few more bucks off the maniac and quit +$100 or so.

Then i remember that Party gave me $40 in credits. There's no way I can play 320 raked hands for PartyPoints with $40 at Party to clear it so I naturally turn to blackjack. House's money, I don't care.

I run that $40 into $200 at blackjack. So yeah, now I have money on Party. Wee.

How's that for a weekend?

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