Sunday, October 28, 2007

Green With Envy

Well, here's the thing. This weekend is likely the last weekend of decent weather here in the great white north, so I had to go play golf even though the weather wasn't perfect. Saturday played 9 holes and quit for breakfast with Harry, today I couldn't get out of bed, looked too cold out. Though when I did wake up at 11, it looked beautiful. DAMNIT. So I guess I missed out on some golf.

Now, on to the real meat of this post. Because of a prior booked business happening, I am missing out on playing Oakmont. THE Oakmont. Now, if this were Augusta I swore to Harry i'd have quit my job to play it but this is Oakmont, which isn't tooooo far behind.

Now, a bit of irony which I did neglect to mention to anyone. Originally my trip was scheduled Monday to Thursday this upcoming week. That means i'd be flying on Oakmont day so couldn't swing it. The Oakmont trip came up, my tickets were booked... I'm screwed. Well what did they do last week? They moved my flight to TUESDAY to Friday. Yep, could have played Oak-bloody-mont. Fortunately I met a member at my club yesterday who might have some connections so I might not have missed out on a life experience permanently here. Still, sucks. I briefly thought of poisoning Jon who got my spot for Oakmont last night at the party but decided against.

Gotta get a camera to take a pic of my new Langley Cup award for winning the club's low-handicap match play tourney. Will post that when I get my first opportunity.

Peace out.



Matt said...


Secret-keeping motherf&$ker!

It won't help matters, but I must say...the course is absolutely SICK and you missed out on an amazing experience.

Harris said...

I can't believe you could have come. I'm sure you don't need to be told, but you missed out so big it's not even funny.

Its a real shame you didn't layout the details to us. We could have put Jon on a waiting list and waited for you to confirm you couldn't go. Shit, I would have even told Jon he can't come cause you could have all of a sudden.

OH well, hopefully the tourny goes back there in 5 years and Matt is on his computer at the exact right time on the exact right day and we can sign up again.