Monday, October 08, 2007

Well, I Was Supposed To Golf This Weekend

In truth, I was supposed to golf 3 days this long weekend in Canada. It didn't happen that way though.

When I named golf + poker (this fine, fine site you're reading), I recognized the balance of passions I feel for the games. In the spring summer, I obsess over golf and turn off the poker, and vice versa in the fall/winter. It keeps me sane to always have a game I love to play and they seem complimentary in seasons though we know poker runs all year long in truth. My time away from work is never without a game to play, and that's pretty cool.

So, this weekend I was supposed to play with Harry & Matt at Legends Usshers Creek saturday morning, then the club on sunday and monday morning.

Saturday I headed out with Harry to play Usshers. Matt dropped out at the last minute due to a doctors appointment. So there we are a two-some at 7:45 and we start playing a little match, of course. Harry has me 3 down after 6 and I'm hoping like hell to turn it around. I gain some traction and get it back to E after 13, then i'm one down, then even again. I win 16 with a good par vs. Harry's double. On 17, a long par 4, I get my ball in two down to ~70 yards through a goofy tee shot into the fescue area and a punch out of that. Harry's on in two. I hit my pitch 30 feet past the pin leaving a downhill right to left breaker and Harry just misses out for birdie and I give him the par putt. Well, wouldn't you know it, I drain this HUGE putt to go into 18 1 UP with 1 to go. Harry hits a drive left and hits an amazing shot out of some trouble onto the green.. awesome shot. My drive right leaves me a tough lie from fescue again, and I know I have to hit it up and over some trees, right to left draw, and land it soft on the green with a 3 iron. HA! Well, I think I would have had it if the fescue didn't compromise my club's contact. I put it in the water, Harry made his par and we tie. Neither of us played very well, I was 83 my first time out there but it was fun and we had almost no holdups and perfect weather.

Sunday I arrived at the club with the rain falling and having had done so for a few hours at least. I see Bernie, I see Dave G, and that's about it. Turns out Bernie has a 4-some, Dave G has Jon P and Terry M show up as well. Matt doesn't show, and I consider why I did either. I decide i'd rather sleep than play golf in this (Not exactly golf starved this season) and I head home.

And right now it's Monday morning. I'm not on the golf course, but I should be. Turns out that my alarm clock wailing at me could not break through the cloud of beer and wine and the triptophan from the turkey on Sunday night. Damn, looking out the window the weather couldn't be better and I missed my tee time by a long shot. Oh well maybe i'll go play 9 later.

No big news on the poker front. Still planning to play a lot more in the fall/winter and haven't yet flipped the switch. I did have to explain LOL DONKAMENTS to the girlfriend yesterday though which isn't as easy as one might expect.


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