Thursday, October 11, 2007

Barry Greenstein Is A Super Guy

Again, I would like to state how awesome a guy Barry Greenstein is.

Following up my now famous (google loves me for the search term) LOL Donkaments post which covered Barry's mention of the Internet lingo on High Stakes Poker and the ensuing charity drive for Childrens Inc. in 2+2 BBV Forum, he gives a shout out to BBV on Poker After Dark in last night's episode.

You can check it out at NBC's site. Click Wednesday Segment 4. Will post it when it gets youtube'd by someone with more time on their hands than I.

Seriously, the guy is a consummate professional. He isn't a media whore, he isn't a jerk, he just goes about his business of playing cards for a living and being a winner in life. Good for you, sir.


Matt said...

Hey Toastie...

Just letting you know that you are a winner to Harry and me as well!

Toast said...

aww... thanks. trust me when i tell you a tear just rolled down my cheek.