Friday, October 12, 2007

I Still Hate Tournaments

.... but I'm actually not bad at them...

Case in point. I'm working on some stuff for my business tonight and decide I can multitask so fire up a little Full Tilt. For some reason the PLO and NL games aren't calling my name so I go and check out the tournaments which I NEVER do. I notice in my cashier that I have a $26 tournament token that I won playing a $6+.50 Double Heads Up SnG when I mistakenly took it for a cash HU game. A $24+2 NLHE tourney is starting in 18 minutes... so... I decide to burn my token and off we go.

I won't give you the play by play because I'm boring enough to read, but the overall tournament had 1185 players for a prize pool of $28.5k. Well, that's worth winning and the first hour is straightforward 2+2 poker anyways so i can focus on my work and hardly pay attention.

I survived the first and second hours with an above average chipstack before getting knocked down to average when i raised and continuation bet the flop in position to have the SB push on me (I had zippo natch). I became a short stack (M=3-5) but survived into the money (top 180) in the 3rd hour.

I get down to the last 35 players in the early fourth hour and look down upon JJ in early position. With my stack at 68k and the 3000/6000 750 ante blinds growing, I'm looking to double up to make a final table and I'm NOT folding JJ with M=4. I raise to 22k, Button pushes, and I call. He flips aces and I'm sent packing with a whole $103. *$@!


Anyhoo, so that's as close as I came to making an easy $5k the donkament way. Will be sticking to the cash tables me thinks.

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