Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mini Putt Action

So today i'm sitting in my office seeing the awesome weather and wishing i wasnt there but on the golf course, and I decide to walk over to our Mini Putt (yes we have one at my office, 18 holes, no kidding). So i mention i'm going Mini Putting hoping someone joins me and our resident golf-equipment crazy but no money for lessons amateur golfer chimes in that he's game.

So of course I try and negotiate some sort of action. Knowing he's not much a golfer I suggest $1/hole. He counters with "howbout $10/hole?" semi-joking but of course I took him up on it because im bored and just cashed in my poker money. So i get my putter which i keep leaning against my desk, he grabs a stock one off the shelf and we head out to the course.

We get there, I drop my ball and ask for carryovers to play and he says "... ahh wait wait wait.... my wife would kill me".

So yeah, he aces the first hole and curses himself, but I end up beating him out of a Tim Hortons coffee.



Monday, March 26, 2007

Huge Neteller News For Canadian Online Poker Players

Neteller, the #1 online poker payment processing system has just withdrawn from Canada.

Here Check It Out

The Toast-man has money in Neteller, or had until this morning. It's all moving down to my bank account via EFT now. My cash in PartyPoker (deposited just days ago) is now speeding its way to me via fedex since Neteller transfer is closed to me this morning. At the recommendation of my best buddy Josh who is in the online gambling industry, I've withdrawn for now the whole way. Obviously Neteller has been keeping the pulse of Canadian legislation and I'd hate to get my money stuck in the middle somewhere like those Americans did.

I feel like this is the conservative line to take, though perhaps not 100% necessary. Let me reiterate this. I'm down to the felt in terms of online gambling funds. Wow, I don't like this at all.

I guess this is going to be a golf blog for a while.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Golf Season Anticipated & Fantastic Porsche Commercial

Stepping away from the usual poker content here at G+P, I would like to note that both Harry and Matt both posted today in anticipation of golf. Thank god golf season is around the corner because honestly I'm getting to be a big fat bastard again and need to walk a few pounds off.

This season i'll be in the market for new wedges (TaylorMade and Titleist Vokey Spin seem leaders in this department, Cleveland dropped off the planet for whatever reason). I'm also eyeing up the Odyssey 2-ball SRT as it looks sick (yes, sick as in good) -- had major supply problems last season. I also absolutely need to reshaft my hybrid into x-stiff because its just way too snappy for me in its current form. My fantastically beautiful Toski irons will stay, and I expect my driver will stay but who knows.

Fortunately, the Toast-man is doing ok in his biz right now because golf stuff is 'spensive!

I've been posting fun videos here whenever I find them lately and today is no exception... here's some solid euro-advertising.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Gassy St. Patrick

I had never made the correlation before.

See, I'm not Irish in the least. But, like the rest of the world this Saturday we celebrated St. Patrick's day. And, I figured something out.

Me (Toast) + Beer + Corned Beef + Cabbage = Gas

Immediately after eating the feast I recognized the components of an awful Sunday for anyone near me. The irish must be gassy people.

In honour of a Gassy St. Patrick's day, here's the famed Farting Preacher.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bankroll Destruction (March '07)

Well, in theory playing 100NL at Party on a $1500 bankroll was a good idea. I wouldn't call it a shot since I used to 4-table 100NL, but thats a little short in terms of financing.

As a nice contrast to my last post, here are a few hands where I dropped money tonight -- it happens.

My first rotation at the table.

I raise in MP with JJ to $4, BB had shown a bluff last hand re-raises to $14, I call.
Flop is undercards, he bets, I push (questionable definitely on my part) and he calls with KK.

Down 1 buy-in!

Later, aggro bluffing guy in SB raises my BB and I have AQ.
Flop is AKx. He bets pot, I call. Turn is 5, he bets 3/4 pot, I call.
River is blank, he bets pot, I call. He has 55. Shucks.

Down 1.5 buy-ins.

I raise A3s in MP, button calls.
Flop is AJ3, I bet 3/4, he calls.
Turn is J, I check, he checks.
River is 3, I check, he bets $5, I call.

He flips AJ... and I'm happy as hell with my play.

I'm down close to $200 here. $120 on the table.

I am in BB with KK. MP raises, Button flat-calls, I re-raise to $15, MP folds, Button waits a few seconds and pushes.
I say to Matt in chat "I'm about to get stacked with KK", and of course I call though I could see the tips of his rockets almost sticking out.

I do not improve.

Down 3 buyins!

Into the chatbox i type "hah, nh" and I leave having just given back all my party luckboxing money almost to the cent (leaving only the bonus).

Oh well! So yeah, back to around $1100-$1200 bankroll. Sad piddly little stakes i'll continue to play i spose ($50nl).

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ohhh... Naggers!

As seen at Natarem's blog, here's a great southpark clip.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bankroll Building ... Again (March '07)

Well, that's two years in a row where I cashed out in the new year everything but $500 only to start building the bankroll again from the bottom. Seriously, I must have issues with the money or something that I can't get myself to leave money online to build.

Even though these days I have very little time due to my other business being so busy, I still find an hour here or there to two-table. Here's the thing, last month I made 450ish profit playing hardly at all, and this month I received a no-deposit bonus at Party (yes, I can play at Party still -- Canadian eh?) for $75, and through 5ish hours of play in 5 days have run that $75 up to $425ish. Hmm. That means my bankroll is almost $1500 again.

Let me repeat, through running HOT and playing well my bankroll in 15 hours of play at 50NL and a brief stint at 100NL is now $1500.

I'm REALLY hoping I dont get stuck at 0.5/1 again through not wanting to risk more money. But, if I'm going to build the BR to play middle stakes at least I HAVE to get past it and get used to it.

Poker money means less, poker money means less...

Oh, and guys, lets get a f'in poker game going again.