Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bankroll Building ... Again (March '07)

Well, that's two years in a row where I cashed out in the new year everything but $500 only to start building the bankroll again from the bottom. Seriously, I must have issues with the money or something that I can't get myself to leave money online to build.

Even though these days I have very little time due to my other business being so busy, I still find an hour here or there to two-table. Here's the thing, last month I made 450ish profit playing hardly at all, and this month I received a no-deposit bonus at Party (yes, I can play at Party still -- Canadian eh?) for $75, and through 5ish hours of play in 5 days have run that $75 up to $425ish. Hmm. That means my bankroll is almost $1500 again.

Let me repeat, through running HOT and playing well my bankroll in 15 hours of play at 50NL and a brief stint at 100NL is now $1500.

I'm REALLY hoping I dont get stuck at 0.5/1 again through not wanting to risk more money. But, if I'm going to build the BR to play middle stakes at least I HAVE to get past it and get used to it.

Poker money means less, poker money means less...

Oh, and guys, lets get a f'in poker game going again.

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