Friday, March 23, 2007

Golf Season Anticipated & Fantastic Porsche Commercial

Stepping away from the usual poker content here at G+P, I would like to note that both Harry and Matt both posted today in anticipation of golf. Thank god golf season is around the corner because honestly I'm getting to be a big fat bastard again and need to walk a few pounds off.

This season i'll be in the market for new wedges (TaylorMade and Titleist Vokey Spin seem leaders in this department, Cleveland dropped off the planet for whatever reason). I'm also eyeing up the Odyssey 2-ball SRT as it looks sick (yes, sick as in good) -- had major supply problems last season. I also absolutely need to reshaft my hybrid into x-stiff because its just way too snappy for me in its current form. My fantastically beautiful Toski irons will stay, and I expect my driver will stay but who knows.

Fortunately, the Toast-man is doing ok in his biz right now because golf stuff is 'spensive!

I've been posting fun videos here whenever I find them lately and today is no exception... here's some solid euro-advertising.

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dave said...

The video is "sick"; your word. Woke up the puppy with my laughing.