Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bankroll Destruction (March '07)

Well, in theory playing 100NL at Party on a $1500 bankroll was a good idea. I wouldn't call it a shot since I used to 4-table 100NL, but thats a little short in terms of financing.

As a nice contrast to my last post, here are a few hands where I dropped money tonight -- it happens.

My first rotation at the table.

I raise in MP with JJ to $4, BB had shown a bluff last hand re-raises to $14, I call.
Flop is undercards, he bets, I push (questionable definitely on my part) and he calls with KK.

Down 1 buy-in!

Later, aggro bluffing guy in SB raises my BB and I have AQ.
Flop is AKx. He bets pot, I call. Turn is 5, he bets 3/4 pot, I call.
River is blank, he bets pot, I call. He has 55. Shucks.

Down 1.5 buy-ins.

I raise A3s in MP, button calls.
Flop is AJ3, I bet 3/4, he calls.
Turn is J, I check, he checks.
River is 3, I check, he bets $5, I call.

He flips AJ... and I'm happy as hell with my play.

I'm down close to $200 here. $120 on the table.

I am in BB with KK. MP raises, Button flat-calls, I re-raise to $15, MP folds, Button waits a few seconds and pushes.
I say to Matt in chat "I'm about to get stacked with KK", and of course I call though I could see the tips of his rockets almost sticking out.

I do not improve.

Down 3 buyins!

Into the chatbox i type "hah, nh" and I leave having just given back all my party luckboxing money almost to the cent (leaving only the bonus).

Oh well! So yeah, back to around $1100-$1200 bankroll. Sad piddly little stakes i'll continue to play i spose ($50nl).

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