Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mini Putt Action

So today i'm sitting in my office seeing the awesome weather and wishing i wasnt there but on the golf course, and I decide to walk over to our Mini Putt (yes we have one at my office, 18 holes, no kidding). So i mention i'm going Mini Putting hoping someone joins me and our resident golf-equipment crazy but no money for lessons amateur golfer chimes in that he's game.

So of course I try and negotiate some sort of action. Knowing he's not much a golfer I suggest $1/hole. He counters with "howbout $10/hole?" semi-joking but of course I took him up on it because im bored and just cashed in my poker money. So i get my putter which i keep leaning against my desk, he grabs a stock one off the shelf and we head out to the course.

We get there, I drop my ball and ask for carryovers to play and he says "... ahh wait wait wait.... my wife would kill me".

So yeah, he aces the first hole and curses himself, but I end up beating him out of a Tim Hortons coffee.




Harris said...

Hold on a second. You have a mini putt course in your office?

Imagine matt tried to pull that one over on JB.

"Yo JB, me, you, course now. 20 bucks a skin."

"Matt, Close the door!!!"

Matt said...