Monday, March 26, 2007

Huge Neteller News For Canadian Online Poker Players

Neteller, the #1 online poker payment processing system has just withdrawn from Canada.

Here Check It Out

The Toast-man has money in Neteller, or had until this morning. It's all moving down to my bank account via EFT now. My cash in PartyPoker (deposited just days ago) is now speeding its way to me via fedex since Neteller transfer is closed to me this morning. At the recommendation of my best buddy Josh who is in the online gambling industry, I've withdrawn for now the whole way. Obviously Neteller has been keeping the pulse of Canadian legislation and I'd hate to get my money stuck in the middle somewhere like those Americans did.

I feel like this is the conservative line to take, though perhaps not 100% necessary. Let me reiterate this. I'm down to the felt in terms of online gambling funds. Wow, I don't like this at all.

I guess this is going to be a golf blog for a while.


Harris said...

I don't whats worse. The war in Iraq or the demise of Netteller.

Anonymous said...

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