Monday, December 24, 2007

Party Poker Comes A Callin

I guess I used to be a good customer of Party Poker. In fact, I know they made more off my early poker exploits than I do. A few months back they deposited $40 in my account to donk around with with a cashout restriction. I ran that up to $200 at blackjack, $400 at poker, then went on a brutal streak and the account went busto. Meh who cares.

Two days ago I get a $200 deposit from Dikshit and friends. That's more like it. I load up a new Party client, and sit on two tables of 50NL while watching the Jason Bourne series front to back (not bad at all to watch them in order and I hadn't seen Bourne Supremacy yet). Ran my $200 into $275. Wow, whopping big money.

Anyways, I drank constantly from 12 noon through 10:30pm yesterday for a holiday thingy so naturally when I get home I load up two tables of $50NL again. Now, for some reason I don't think drinking and Party Poker mix. My $275 became $220 with my last hand being my checkraising with nothing (AJs) on a late position pre-flop raiser on an 8 high flop and him pushing. GRrrr.

Well that put me on tilt for some reason. Drinking and PartyPoker do not mix.

So I say ok $200 is bs and there's no chance i'm clearing their 2400 partypoints cashout requirement in the next week (over xmas, yeah im jewish but that's unpossible) for this $200 so might as well turn it into some real money. I do what all stupid people do when they're looking to move up or get out... I took that money to blackjack.

Party Blackjack has been mostly good to me. I say mostly because I'm actually ahead on the damn thing but have had some natural crazy blackjack swings. So I start off with $20 playing $1 a hand... this did not keep my interest long. Soon it became $5 a hand and my $20 was gone. Hmm, Naturally I load the rest of it and keep playing $5 a hand. Party's rigged-ness was evident as the dealer soon went on a sick run to turn his wicked 3,4,5,6 upcards into 20's and 21's on a routine basis. Damn You Dikshit. So I have $150 now -- party's money and I need to get even so I bet $50 of it.

Dealer shows: K
I show: 15


Yeah, lost that one. FSCK. So I decide I'm bored of Party Blackjack and I do what all intelligent people would do. Put the rest down on the table. And yeah, I lost. Another Party Credit busto.

The moral of the story is, don't drink and Party.

As a side note, for those of us who are smarter than I am, you might want to head on over and read a couple casino articles to figure out optimal strategy. Hopefully Party throws me a couple hundo more so I can use what I learned.

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