Monday, December 10, 2007

I Follow The Leader - 2007 Golf Season In Review

And the leader in this case is Matt in his 2007 Golf Season In Review post.

Normally at this post in the year, I take this time out to make fun of the bullshit numbers he comes up with for driving distance and such. Fact is, Matt is now legitimately one club longer than I am on all iron shots. He's also better at grinding than I am. In fact, he's a better rounded player than I am. I say this with no sarcasm (like I usually do). The guy is pretty decent at the game.

I don't keep accurate stats, so i'll go off the cuff and give the rundown on how my game changed this season.

Handicap: 2 -- down from a 6 end of last season -- I improved

Driving: about the same

Putting: far better this season -- taylormade rossa blade replaced my old zebra -- what a difference for $40 bucks :) I had days out there where I made literally everything.

Wedges: worse this year -- need new ones still. I was crap with the short irons for the most part.

Chipping: worse this year -- made nothing and wasn't as good as in the past -- needs practice and new wedges for spin control

Irons: solid with my blades. I might move toward a game improvement / players iron cross now that I'm confident I can strike the ball with a player's club, we'll see. I am a fairly solid ball striker now.

Playing under stress/pressure: much better. Won the Langley Cup low-handicap match play tournament & shot 69 this year. Both of which used to be hard for me to pull through on mentally. General attitude of "If I screw up so be it life goes on so let's try my best" actually seems to work for me. Totally different than Matt's grinding and self-hatred during bad periods. This might be helped by my having taken lots of beats at poker tables.

Accomplishments: Won Langley Cup, Shot 69 from the Tips, played a lot of emotionless golf

Shore up my weak spots (chipping, wedges) and improve consistency with the good ones (driver,irons,putter).
Keep playing emotionless golf -- seems to work.
Consider playing Men's Tour (undecided)
DO NOT play Niagara Cup matches unless major changes occur in format -- unlikely. No tryout, no substitutions, nothing. Done with it as it stands. Total BS.



Harris said...

You're GOOOOOOOD, way better then Matt.

Matt said...


Agrees with above comment. You are gooood!