Sunday, April 29, 2007

12 strokes

This weekend I played golf both Saturday and Sunday morning with Matt, Harry and Bernie.

It's always an interesting group. You see, dear reader, there are a lot of different personalities at work here. First there's Matt. Matt's a grinder. He plays best when he's challenged through trash talk or being beat in a match and plays badly once he stops believing in his game. Harry is just awful at actually trying to win at golf and not just trying to hit random clubs a long way. I mean awful. He seems not to care about winning as much as proving that he can de-loft a 7 iron and whack a little white ball 180 yards. Bernie has an amazingly competitive attitude filled with trash talking, supremely talented play, and knows more about golf than the rest of us ever will. But, Bernie's not playing to his potential which means the rest of us can sort of keep up, except for Harry of course because he sucks for whatever reason.

So, I, Toast, went out Saturday in the light rain wearing shorts because i'm stupid. My thought process went as follows.

"Hey, where the hell are my Cargo pants? I can get those wet and nasty and not care. Oh shit they're not here. HMm, there my good pants are... but... dont want to have to do laundry. Oh screw it i'll wear shorts regardless of the temperature."

Fortunately for me, I have bad leg circulation so I didn't get too cold out there!

With 8/9 greens on the front I shot 42. Hmm, my Zebra putter is not doing too well i guess huh? Finished at 82 for the day, again.

And then came Sunday. It was a beautiful day today. Little cold to start but then nice the rest of the time. I started off playing decently, making the putts I was missing the day before using Ryan's putter - a TaylorMade blade with some throw-dents. I didn't do much interesting, one bogey one bird, came around in 36 (played the back nine first) - even par. Hmm.

On the back nine (actually the front nine) I opened par, then bogey. At this point I figured my ride was over and I'd shoot a decent score. But it was not so. I parred #3, then birdied #4 with a 6 foot downhill putt. Back to even!

Then I hit an 8i on #5 to 1 foot................... and suddenly Toast was 1 under par with 4 to go.

#6 is a par 5. My drive flew over the bunker on the right of the fairway and my lie left my layup shot at 185. Approaching the 3rd I was staring down 185 yards with a back pin into the wind. I took out my 3i and pured it onto the green within 15 feet.

And then I sunk it... fist pump and all................ and suddenly Toast was 2 under with 3 to go.

#7 is a par 3, I knocked it on with a nice tee shot and 2-putted -- almost made the first one to cut up Harry's chip-in.

#8 is a par 5, nice tee shot, nice layup for the second, and my PW from 125 was chunky leaving me short. Chipped on and made a 6-footer uphill left to right.

And suddenly Toast was 2 under with 1 to go.

#9 is a long par 4. My drive ended in the rough right about 155 out. I hit a beautiful shot which surprisingly came up short of the green. Chipped it to 6 feet right of the pin leaving a sidehill slider....

And I made it.

Suddenly Toast shot 70 to chase his 82 the day before. A personal best! My previous best was 71 from the back tees, this was 70 from the mens. I guess they're pretty close in accomplishment. Yay me, solid!

So, yeah... that's my story. Good luck to Harry and Matt at the Ontario Men's Better Ball tomorrow. I hope Harry figures out his game in time and Matt gets back some confidence.


Matt said...

Congrats again on the great round! -2!!! Wow. Loved that shot you hit on six - straight up in the air with a slight draw.

I knew you liked that one!

Harris said...

was it really necessary to describe my game as "awful"? I mean, I didn't play well by any means, but you make me out to be the worst golfer ever. This isn't going to sit very well with me for the rest of the year.