Monday, April 23, 2007

Life In The Land Of Frustration


Golf is frustrating.

This weekend, your truly got to play a few rounds of golf with the usual crew (mostly). All weekend I drove the ball like a champ but putted like I was afraid of the hole. Drive the ball to 125 yards on a Par 4 and I make a 5 most of the time. Get me near a green and I couldn't chip with the TaylorMade RAC wedge -- 12degrees bounce is too much i think. I couldnt pitch, I couldnt keep anything online at all. Get me on a green and I putt the ball 6 feet past, 5 feet short, and can't make the one after. GRRRR. So good long, so bad short.

Well, it is half the game.

Down $35 on bets this weekend, an ugly start.

On a lighter note, I got this email from Harry who is currently in Arizona on a golf vacation.

Just played dinosaur mountain. 143 slope, 7100 yards. Toughest course I ever played. Every hole is amazing. Hitting on one par 3 247 yards down hill from the too of a mountain. 200 yards downhill. Just one hole after another that are amazing. Best golf course I ever played. Way tougher then thundering waters but way more playable. Shot 88, par 70. 46 on the front 42 on the back. Made 1 birdie, lots of doubles because I would guy my drive to far and loose it in the dessert. Greens played at a 12 today, very difficult greens. Lots of slope, huge, and very firm. No backspin no matter what you put on it. Great course all around.


Wow do you guys ever suck because you aren't here.


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Wow do you guys ever suck because you aren't here.

Ya, that prety much sums it all up.