Sunday, April 01, 2007

5 to 1 the Club Flies Out Of His Hands...

Not more than 30 minutes ago I said these words on the 10th tee at the golf course as Harry tried to ignore the torrent of rain trying to drown us out of playing. I was leaning towards heading home as I hve no interest in playing 2 hours in the rain when I have lots of work to do at home but Harry was dead-set on playing golf.

So i'm backing away from the tee and it's pouring rain and Harry's up there with his R7 in hand. I say to Matt "5 to 1 the club flies out of his hands..." and wouldnt you know it Harry takes a mighty rip at the ball and his club goes flying 15 feet in the air. HAHAHAHA i'm lucky Matt didn't make that bet. Harry's R7 landed on the cart path, of course. I didn't stick around long enough to see if he injured it though. Off they went into the pouring rain. I hope it clears up, boys... I've got work to do.

Speaking of Matt, happy April Fools birthday to him as he is crossing over the hill this year. The big FOUR-OH. Congrats again dude!

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