Monday, April 16, 2007

Golfed On The Weekend!

Though it's now pouring rain as this crazy east coast system is here, I did indeed get a round in with Harry and Matt this weekend. Honestly, I made a lot of mistakes with approach shots into greens. Overclubbing seemed to be the theme of the day as I overshot like 5 greens with approaches under 150 yards. Odd.

Gave the new Titleist Vokey Spin wedge a try in 56degrees... it certainly does spin. When i dropped a ball at 95 yards to test it out, my ball hit and spun back around 12 feet. Hmm. Got to compare it to the Taylor Made RAC's still.

Overall I shot a pretty up and down 77 with a couple birds and a double bogey... not bad to start the year.

1 comment:

Aidan said...

77 is not to shabby. Got to get myself one of those wedges :-)