Friday, July 13, 2007

High Stakes Players Meet The Boss Then Play On Video

wow, just watched this video linked from 2p2. Hilarious.

Here's how the hand plays out (said slowly for harris to follow along):

200/400 NL, effective stacks are 48k (yes, 48 thousand dollars each)

Guys in our video call with 8 clubs, 6 spades. Opponent raises to $1200, our guys raise to $4000, the opponent calls $4000.
Flop is 3 8 Q two hearts. Both check.
Turn is an 8. Our guys bet $7k, opponent raises to $14k, our guys push and the other guys calls.
River is a blank, and our guys win a pot of almost $96 thousand.

Oh, and they've just had a visit with the Boss.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Let me beat Harry to the punch.

"That isn't that funny"

BTW: Harry is cleaning up his life now that his mom reads his blog.