Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Suddenly Remember Why I Quit Poker

Yikes, well, at least we can write this poker foray down as a quick relapse. Fortunately the addiction is only to play when I'm winning, and the past few days I can't do that so away goes poker for another little nappy.

I got out of 25 and into 50, went up 3 buyins, then down 8. Tonight was a bloodbath, losing 3.5 buyins single tabling in 141 hands. Funny, most people who gamble only like to talk about wins, I only write about losses :P

Dont want to read about bad beats and bitching? Stop reading now.

Notables tonight include ($50nl remember)

3-betting pre-flop to $7 (pot) with KK and having my opponent flop a set of 8's. (-$59.40)
Flopping a straight, betting it all the way and having my opponent turn his two pair into a boat on the river (-$32.95)
Making top two on the river against a shortstack calling down with an OESD (-$20.85)
Having the opponent push a 9 high flop with KT, calling with TT and having the K hit the river (-$19.15)
Having a short opponent push a ATT flop with a gutshot straight flush draw against my AK, flush on the turn. (-$10.75)

It goes on... but the last few days were like that. Unfortunately i'm underrolled for the huge swing (only had 13 buyins) so I'm stopping before I get to unprofitable or busto. Perhaps i'll get the bug back soon, heck, I'll probably get the bug back soon but for now I'm going to lick my wounds and go back to work on things that dont involved the ass end of luck :)


Matt said...

I expect you to shoot dualing 74s on the weekend and contend for the club championship now that you've quit the cards.

Toast said...

It's only temporary, could relapse at any time.