Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Go Balls Deep

Had a reasonable weekend at golf, a scrambly 79 chased with a decently played 74. Next weekend is club championships, hoping I play well but my game is up and down -- making the 36 hole cut would be great for me but I won't slit the ole wrists if it doesn't work out. In short, I'll try.

On the other side of golf, it seems that my Basic Golf Shirt Review has drummed up some interest in ole' T here doing some product reviews.

And that's where it goes a little funny. See, the first company to contact me is called Schwetty Balls and they produce, you guessed it, golf balls called Schwetty Balls. They were kind enough to send me a dozen. In short, will Schwetties replace my Pro V1's in the golf bag? No. I'm a 3 handicap and I'm picky (why else play a $5 golf ball), but they're pretty darn playable as normal golf balls by normal golfers. But yeah, it's a pretty good gimmick. I've been giving away the 2-packs of Schwetties to people who might get a laugh out of them. Each pack contains balls marked L and R, guess why?

Would Harry and Matt find them funny or amusing? No. But that's ok because I know a lot of people that would. And yes, this is a very real company that does a lot of tongue in cheek advertising on their product.

Oh, I better think up a witty comment so they give me a link back from their testimonials page because I'm a whore that way.

"Bust out your own personal Schwetty Balls and you'll soon be hitting it deeper and harder."

Yeah, i'm dirty. So what? Only one person reads this website. Hi Jordana.

I'll get back with the other product reviews when i get a chance to run them through testing more thoroughly. Only the best at golf and poker ya know.

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