Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And Now... On To Golf

I contemplated spending this May two-four weekend inside assuredly away from condolences and sad faces, but decided instead to play golf.

Saturday morning I played the black tees (tips) with Adam R. and Brad B. Had a few ups, few downs, and fired 76. Not too bad.

Sunday morning I played with Bernie, Matty and Jon P.... I was awful shooting an 83 from the blues.

Monday morning I played with Matt and Adam R. from the blues again, went 39-35 for a not too shabby 74.

Monday afternoon I was bored so fired up some 25NL winning $35ish profit. Then, for some reason, I entered a 6.50+0.40 4-man NL heads up tourney winning that and gaining a $26 FTP tournament chip. No idea what i'm going to do with this since I dont play tournaments but who knows.

So, them's the facts.

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Harris said...

so after reading yours and matts post about golf this weekend, i have come to the conclusion that you both must give me 2 shots a side. Only seems fair.