Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hacking It Around This Weekend

Well, the weather warmed up but my golf game has cooled down quite a bit. It seems like i'm lashing out at the ball more which is bad, and my tempo is intermittant and untrustworthy. That's sad, really since this was the first weekend of qualifying for the Niagara Cup team.

My scores this weekend were 78 and 77, a dismal showing given how well I had been playing previously. In fact, i'm lucky to have shot those scores and you can count on the fact they were a collection of 'saves' to keep it under 80. Just ugly, nothing good to say about it other than I guess it could be worse.

Harry won his Langley cup match as he describes in Matt-like detail over at his blog. I was delivered the bad news that I must play Gary P in my 2nd round (had a pass first round this year) which is bound to be a bastard since he rarely makes mistakes. The toughest guys in match play are the ones you have to beat because they dont often beat themselves... grr. Anyways, that should be interesting.

On the business front, i'm busy as hell between all my projects. No idea how i'm supposed to find time to vacation though.

Oh, and finally, i'm still not giving shots. :)

Sorry for the boring post, not much is up and Harry basically guilted me into writing something.

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