Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poker is Rough Baby So I Bought A PS3

These days poker is rough on me. I'm not playing too badly actually but I'm getting some ass-end of variance a bit through a short sample. The biggest problem i'm having is that when I do play I'm getting stuck early and often and trying to play my way out of the hole. The only things stopping me are my 3 buy-in loss cap, being falling-asleep tired where my game is clearly off or climbing out of the hole. Sadly climbing out is not happening often enough.

So, in place of my hold'em craziness i've picked up PLO at a lower limit. Fun game that PLO is... action action action. I'm breaking about even at it so far but learning the equity calculations quickly -- running all the hands I think are close through TwoDimes.net.

Instead of going through the poker ups and downs quite so much, I purchased a new PS3 at the advice of my friend Josh. Assassins Creed is awesome, Call of Duty 4 is awesome... and the system looks bloody sick on my 24" widescreen LCD in 1080p. I'm happy with my time-wasting right now let's just say that.

Will report back on funky new happenings. I might be a bit short on golf & poker these days but I'll be sure to post some entertaining stuff for y'all to check out.


Matt said...

I hope you're better at the PS3 than you are at Fifa for the XBOX360.

pad and grin. Gloids. said...

You can play Poker on the PS3, there is an awesome online PSN game called High Stakes on The Vegas Strip. Always tons of people playing.