Saturday, November 10, 2007

Travel, Beer, and Golf

Well, i've been on the road the last couple weeks trying to pickle my liver -- here's the details.

Little cardplaying was done as I travelled to Cincinatti for 4 days. We ate, we drank, we did some business. Typical tradeshow stuff. This past week I spent in Phoenix, AZ and was able to get out for a round at the ASU Karsten golf course. Unfortunately we played in a scramble format as is typical of corporate golf tournaments but I was pretty stellar and singlehandedly put our team in 2nd place -- in the money.

This is one of the more benign Pete Dye courses i've played with only two or three truly diabolical holes. The 9th and 18th stand out for me as two of the better ones. It's a fair course and was unfortuntately in its overseeding season so the greens were a bit bumpy when I visited.

If you haven't yet, go read Matt's review of Oakmont Country Club, which I unfortunately missed as per my past post. I'm going to regret that one for bit but it had to be done. Steps are being taken to ensure I never have to miss this sort of thing again but you'll have to stick with me.

Oh, and finally I did get to see the Phoenix Coyotes kick the crap out of the Dallas Stars in Phoenix (5-2). Somehow we snuck into Club Level and enjoyed copious amounts of shitty american beer. I would like to give a recommendation for those of y'all visiting the Cincinnatti area to head across to Kentucky and visit Hofbrauhaus -- great german beer and atmosphere.

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