Monday, September 03, 2007

3 Rounds Including Langley Cup Semi-Finals

I played 3 rounds this Labour Day Weekend. I shot a 82 saturday (blah), 80 sunday (blah), and then there was today.

It was today, Monday, where I played Joe B in the Langley Cup Semi-Finals (the low handicap match play tourney at our club). Joe is the guy who dispatched Matty in the quarters in what I consider an upset. At the time, Matt and Joe played even though Matt was a 3 handicap -- as I understand it, Joe doesn't keep a handicap so just went with straight up. So, I came into today expecting Joe to play even, maybe as a 3 to my 2. I honestly believe Joe when he said he's a 5, so when he said it today, I went with it and said sure let's go.

He's one of those guys who can scramble the hell out of you in match play. Great hands with the wedge and putter, just deadly around the greens. He beat Matt straight up, and that's an accomplishment because Matt is Goooooooooood.

Off we go.

I start off bogey, par, par and was 3 UP after 3. That's what i'm talkin' bout!

Then I lost 4 in a row. I 3-putted #4 green (they're slippery as hell and I can't get a feel on them), he got his shot on #5 and we tied with bogeys, and he got his shot on #6 and we tied with Par when he made an insane 2-putt from the back to the front of the green. #7 I missed the green right, he par'd and i'm one down.

Let's recap, 3 up to 1 down in 4 holes. HA!

I putted my birdie 5 feet past on #8 and made a nice comeback to halve the hole. #9 I played well, drive up the right, nice 4 iron in to 5 feet, and drained the birdie (skin money is sweet). We're all even after 9 and it's a good match.

#10 I hit my rescue into the left pin-high bunker in 2, Joe hits a great wedge in for his 3rd and has a 5 footer for birdie. I make a good sand shot and miss a 2 footer. He made his, and I'm 1 down again.

#11 I make a nice birdie with a 12 footer to win, we're all even again.

#12 I hit my shot long and right, ending up near the cart patch pitching over a bunker onto a sloped green. Not a great spot. Unfortunately for Joe, he hits his ball in the junk and I win with a bogey (i'll take what I can get). I'm 1 UP

#13 Joe has a tough hole and I halve the hole against his shot with my 4 against his 5. I'm 1 UP

#14 I make a nothing special par, Joe just misses his par save and I'm 2 UP

#15 The wind is howling into our faces on this 575 yard hole. I hit my drive into the bunker right, hit a nice shot to 185, and put my ball on the back corner of the green with a 5i. Joe comes up short and I make my two putt to his 6. I'm 3 UP and dormie.

#16 Joe gets into real trouble off the tee (his driver was a trouble spot today) and I play it for par with rescue, 5i, wedge. Narrowly miss the birdie putt and I win.

Unfortunately, my bud Harry had a tough day today losing to Andy and claims to be hanging up the spikes for the year as football comes on TV. We'll see bout that.

Next weekend I plan to play Andy in the finals of the Langley Cup. Andy has played well and did so again today. It should be a fun match. There really is nothing on the line here other than getting your name on the wall and a trophy, but it's a point of pride among the better players at the club to be Match Play Champion. I'll give it my best, just happy to be here.

Played some online poker on Saturday night, 500 hands and breakeven in the end. Meh.

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Matt said...

Congrats on beating Joey.

Now take out Andy and get a nice piece of engraved china!

"Oww. My elbow!!! Ohhhh, my back...."