Sunday, September 30, 2007

8 Birdies & The Langley Cup Result

Last year I began golf season as a 4-5 handicap and was at one point an 8. Getting worse in golf means either I'm not serious about the game, or I'm not mentally with it. In any case, last year I got worse at golf. And that's pretty depressing when golf is about the only "sport" you play.

This year has been different. I think I'm mentally stronger and my swing has become more fluid and therefore more reliable. My handicap dropped from a 6 to a two, which is pretty much the best I've ever been at the game. Most improved has been my ability to bounce back from a bad event (see: double bogey) and follow it with a good one. I still suck at stroke play (club championships) but that might be saying something about me mentally. Keep in mind I can't play poker tournaments well either... don't like not having instant gratification or something.

And so this year I'm better. I have a couple sub par rounds including a career best 69 (-3) from the tips at the home course, and as of this morning, I am the low-handicap division match play champion at my course -- the langley cup.

In truth, I realize our little internal club events don't register to outsiders, but to our golf members, and particularly my golf group (all good players) it's a sought after title. I'm pretty psyched about winning it. Matt says i should expect a nice piece of crystal for the house in recognition. I'll post a pic when that happens. Yes, Harry is playing st. georges today, so it's really debatable who's having a better weekend. That Prick.

Stats from this weekend. I had 5 birdies yesterday including 4 on our 5 par 3's to shoot 75 from the blue tees. Today I was just fairly solid all the way around (except the first hole, naturally) and made 3 birdies on the way to a 73 from the black tees. 8 birdies in a weekend is pretty sweet for a hacker like me.

Thanks to Andy for making the round enjoyable even though he didn't have his best game on. No, he didn't complain about his back or elbow, Harry. Sorry to disappoint.


Harris said...

mazel tov. Glad to hear you won.

Matt said...

Congratulations's a big win!

BTW, check this link's got a picture of the trophy you will soon be receiving yourself.