Friday, December 08, 2006

Back In Town -- NOT in Vegas

You can put away your hankies, I'm back! I heard enough crying about my lack of postings last night that I had to peel myself away from my work long enough to slip you readers a couple inches of toast's text lovin'. Giggidy.

The Toastmeister was in Orlando last week at a tradeshow for one of the comapanies I whore myself out to. We were "roughing it" at the Rosen Shingle Creek hotel and convention facility. Heh. Sick. Sat in the hottub talking biz, did the tradeshow, yadda yadda yadda. More importantly, we had a fun time.

I played Shingle Creek golf course, and I played a course called Falcons Fire. Both were upscale tracks with good, interesting layouts. Both were in half-assed condition. Must be the time of year but the rough was whispy and the fairways/tees were rough. Thankfully I didn't pay for either else I'd have something to complain about. Worth playing IF THEY ARE IN SHAPE people.

Then we come to the entertainment. See, one of the main dudes at my company treats this annual tradeshow as his personal vacation and he likes to have a good time on vacation... so... very little is done half-assed. We went to Universal, we went to Disney's Pleasure Island, we ate like pigs and drank constantly. It's fun but I can't live like that for long stretches. 5 days was enough. I'd never, ever, ever live in Orlando unless paid through the bloody nose. Holy crap that place takes forever to get anywhere. When one guy said Target (pronounced Tar-Jhet of course as is proper) was right around the corner and it took 25 mins of no-traffic to get there... I decided Orlando was out.

One particular bar of interest (meaning I actually enjoyed it) is The Blue Martini. This place rocked out in an upscale elite I can't afford to drink there sort of way. The service is top-notch, bartenders (chicks of course) are beautiful, the place was packed, bands were good, but I don't have the bank account bling to do that shit on a regular basis.

On the poker front, played the home game last night. We busted Gary in the first 15 mins ($60 bucks or 3-buyins at our NL cap game) and he took off in a huff. Hah! SOOO funny. I was up 2.5 buyins, down 1.5 buyins, and finished up $15 bucks which shall pay for my Sahla Thai lunch today. GOD BLESS SAHLA THAI.

And that's it. I hope you're as satisfied as I am.

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