Monday, April 24, 2006

Rained Out Weekend

The weather gods were unfair this weekend. Saturday was supposed to be rain all day so I decided to get some painting done around the house and generally not go out. Turns out the sky was overcast all day but very little to no actual rain fell. Should have played.

So what does that mean? Of course it means we got rained out Sunday after 9 holes. At least I got the 9 holes in after all the practice sessions this week. I try and make it to the club for at least an hour a day after work in order to relax and work on my game's soft-spots (there are many). It helps my game immensely and I shot a rather reasonable 37 including a bogey on the last when I couldnt hang onto my 3i for the approach.

Poker has been quiet this week. Too many business related things going on.

As an interesting side-story, I had a good scare this weekend. I'm 5'11" or 6'0 -- probably nearer 5'11 honestly and I'm tipping the scales at 228 right now. That's not rediculously heavy but i've got about 30 lbs of puddin I could certainly shed to get down to a svelte 200. Anyways, I'm not unhealthy and I certainly eat reasonably well lately so wasn't I shocked when a home blood pressure test at the gf's house presented me with stats of 210/135 on Saturday night.

For y'all who don't know, 210/135 means i'm about a c*** hair from having a heart attack, stroke, or having a major internal organ shut down. Hmm, "silent killer" they call it and you'd never know because there are no symptoms (I feel fine)... that sounds bad. So of course I start looking into doctors appointments and all that crap as I dont particularly want to die at 27. Then, I'm over there Sunday as well and take another test, this time after the owner points out that the device has to be worn the other way (opposite the way they told me before). My pressure comes in at 139/80 in reality which is fairly normal.

*whew* That'll kickstart the heart. Sort of like finding out your co-worker just ate a huge plate of baked beans for lunch and all windows and doors must remain closed due to air conditioning.

But then again, i'm usually that co-worker.

Ta-ta for now.

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Matt said...

:) Funny last paragraph...

Good news about the second test. Keep practicing - after seven rounds in four days, I'll be ready to take your money!!!