Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Ass-Masters ... And Losing My Mind On The Golf Course

Well, as crack reporter NoSkillz has mentioned, The Masters was a huge snooze. There was SO MUCH potential in that fine field, and the butchered golf course made it into a regular boring-ass event. Mickelson is a fine golfer no doubt, but him winning a wire to wire round with little movement in the field is so boring to watch it brings tears to my eyes.

Those ass-masters at Augusta have obviously not realized that their course was designed to be played as a test of strategy and fine skill and NOT about hitting 300+ yard tee shots in straight lines. If Tiger can play a par-4 hole with driver 8i, so be it -- doesn't mean you should exclude half the field from contention because you want a couple guys hitting mid irons into greens instead of short irons.

As you can tell, it pisses me off. This is the one tournament I can usually watch wire to wire because it's always a passionate affair but today was a letdown and it's all the fault of the club and it's chairman. It's very sad to see.

On to my own golf game. I opened up Sunday morning with Harry and NoSkillz by going even par thru 11. Then I had a tough lie on 3 (we played the nines backwards) and made a double, then a 4-putt double on 4, and a ball OB on 5. Then I played well again -- par, par, bogey, par.

Needless to say I got on some Tilt after the double at 3 which caused the 4-putt on 4. It's damn hard to 4-putt but I did it... yikes. The OB on 5 brought me a hair from insanity and full out monkey-tilt. Fortunately, I made a smart decision and walked to the green then swung my 6-iron smoothly over and over attempting to de-stress. Fortunately, it worked.

I guess that's going to be one of my major hurdles this year, avoiding tilt situations on the course. I've got a book here dealing with this exact situation so hopefully it will help me clear my mind after bad things happen.

Oh, and I got on a launch monitor for my driver which has been crazy. Turns out my 440SZ Cobra's shaft is waayyy too soft for me which is causing my inconsistancies. I'll have a spanking new Graffaloy Blue stiff shaft put in this week. For those who care, my clubhead speed is 107mph at my regular pace, and my launch angle from my 9-degree driver is ideal -- so i'm expecting big things from the shaft replacement.

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