Sunday, April 02, 2006

'06 Golf Season Begins

The usual Sunday group has not fully formed yet, but Harry and NoSkillz (aka. Matt) met me for breakfast at the club at 8:30am. We sat around drinking coffee and eating the very fine breakfast they serve.

For your information, for me that includes 2 Eggs over-medium, bacon, rye toast and hash browns. We've got to have the best f'in breakfast in the world at this club -- it's THAT good.

Then we went out for 18. I was never really good and never really bad, which is pretty satisfying for the first round of the year. Hit a few good drives though not very accurately. Putted fairly poorly, chipping was up and down (no pun intended), made a nice sand save on 15 out of a plugged, buried lie and generally just grinded my way to an 81 from the Blue (mens) tee markers.

Greens were still a bit bumpy but they're puttable. I had a bit of trouble with distance.

If anyone has a good golf stats software recommendation, i'm looking. Please comment. For the meantime i'm sticking them in a hacked together excel spreadsheet.

April 2, 2006
Score: 81 (42/39)
Fairways: 5/13
GIR: 6/18
Putts: 32

Could be worse.

No time for pokering today, sorry y'all.

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dave said...

Going to be a long time before I see an 81 again but it will come.