Saturday, April 01, 2006

I showed em...

Saturday has been a busy day so far. I woke up, hit some golf balls at the range (not bad), hit some putts, scraped some wallpaper off my wall in a room we're working on, and fell asleep on the couch. That's a heck of a Saturday.

Upon waking, I found an old WPT with Tuan Le v. Temp Hutter on the dish. Of course, Tuan is playing almost every hand on TV cuz he's a LAG baby. This gets me in the mood and I boot over into my favorite new online site, TITAN POKER BABY. And then comes this hand. No, I normally don't bluff at $50 No Limit but this was too perfect to pass up.

I'm dealt 2c 4c on the button. UTG minraises to $1 (30/8/2). I call, SB Calls, BB Calls.

Flop: 7c Qh Qd

UTG bets out $0.50 (wha?), I pop it to $3 because i'm a thief that way, the blinds run for the hills and UTG calls after a few seconds.

Turn: 6d

UTG checks. What goes through my head? Yep, Fire away! I bet a stiff $9 into the pot.

UTG says: KK
UTG folds

Of course I showed my 24s which upset him greatly. but shit man, thats what the buttons' for.

This lesson in pathetically low level no limit hold-em is brought to you by the letter: T.

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