Monday, August 18, 2008

TWGP Aug 16-17, 2008

Last week I took a week of vacation from my 'regular' office job to try and polish off a side job that I have been spending every waking hour on for the past 10 months or so. Nothing says dedication like vacationing from work to spend more time working... and work I did. However, it comes with the sad realization that I work better and more happily from home... might have to make some hard decisions on that front shortly...

Anyway, enough of the serious work/life related crap... on to This Weekend In Golf + Poker for this week.

Saturday i played golf with Matt & Harry. Matt is a newly crowned champ on the Niagara Mens Golf Tour so we gave him the nickname "Champ" for the day. We'll have to see how long it stays with him. I started off poorly, 3 over after 5 but got it back with a few choice birdies at 9 and 10, then made one bogey and a birdie coming in scrambling to shoot 73 -- year's best. Harry put in a good score finally as well.

Sunday Matt had to serve his wife's wishes -- i hear pregnant wives can be hard to reason with for future reference -- and so he dropped out for once. Let's not make this a habit, young skywalker. Anyway, I played with Terry M, Andy A, and Steve G and was garbage off the tee (weird lately) but again scrambled around the greens and held it to a modest 78.

Harry surprised everyone with a 73, putting him firmly in 4-handicap land and threatening to get "in the money" in the 2,3,4 bet if he shoots another good score and drops to a 3. He's got a few more crap scores coming out of his handicap-factor coming up so definitely has a good shot at it.

Sunday afternoon / evening I played a long 4-tabling session on Full Tilt where I got behind as much as 5 buy-ins before climbing back to even after 1900+ hands. Whew, insanity. Felt good that I didn't tilt at all, just played hard and made mostly correct decisions. Im looking forward to poker in the off-golf season and am lobbying for a regular home game amongst the more degenerate folks I know ;)

Wagers Update:

Even Breakfast/Lunches
+$70 skins (+23 Saturday, -10 sunday)
+$2 side-bets

Not exactly killing it but I might earn enough to pay Harris off if he keeps playing like Matt :)

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