Monday, August 25, 2008

TWGP Aug 23-24, 2008

Going to make this post short because this weekend was uninteresting.

I played 18 on saturday, shot 84 and lost my skins money.

I played 9 on sunday with Harry because we had a crappy late tee time so played the back nine hoping to get a spot on the front when we came around. Needless to say, we did not have a suitable time to wait so we went for breakfast instead. I was 39 for the back and had a birdie on #12 (again the short version) for what it's worth.

Last week I played a decent amount of Interweb pokers. Still running moderately badly (how many times can they flop a set vs. my AA or have AA v. my KK?) but made some money regardless. My favorite hand happened when in my BB I had 82o in a limped pot. Flop was Q82. I check, all check. Turn is an Q, I bet pot and MP calls. River is another 8 and I push for $40 into a $3.50 pot. He calls with the Q for 888QQ vs my 8888Q. I guess he really wanted his $1.75 split!

Things you should read shortly (but not yet):

Harry played Magna and will post about it soon I'm hoping.
Matt played Oviinbird today and I'm absolutely 100% positive will write about it

No pressure guys. :P

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