Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cold Golf, Cold Beer, Warm Cards

Well, it's sunny out but still f*cking freezing here in Niagara mostly, but that did not stop Harry and I from attempting to play golf on this long weekend. Matt was out sick for the first time in history so we played without him.

Friday was a universal day off here in Canada so off we went around 9:45am. The wind blew pretty hard, it was fairly cold, and I hacked around a mediocre 81 to beat Harry in our match. +$5 woot. I then settled onto the couch for a few hours of Masters coverage which was solid. Afterward I had a craving for the best pizza this side of NYC (at least, I assume NYC has better pizza -- maybe not!) and went to La Hacienda in Niagara Falls NY around 8:30. What a great day... seriously this is living!

Saturday Harry and I ventured out at 9:30, realizing as we walked to the tee how truly bloody cold it was. I mean, it was COLD and we're Canadians. The wind made it unbearable and Harry was the first to say 'mercy' after the 3rd hole. We played 16,17,18 coming in and got the hell out. Again, the Masters ruled the afternoon. Later that evening when i was out I got a SMS from Matt "Major donkey alert... fyi". I replied that I'll be there shortly. Upon arriving home I logged into full tilt and finally got a seat with a major donkey. It's funny how even small stakes players like us donkey hunt, but it's profitable. Matt beat me in both major hands we played (sucked out both times, and both times I paid off like a donkey -- blah), but fortunately I stacked just about everyone else in the nearby vicinity for a somewhat reasonable profit on the evening playing pretty loose aggro with a few good runs of cards.

Sunday was brunch with the family with the required couple of drinks, then I retired to watch my pick after Saturday's round Cabrera hack his way around the last few holes and still win. Too bad for Kenny Perry to play so badly on the last two to fall into a playoff where he really didn't seem comfortable. After 16 it looked.... ugh... I can't imagine how it feels to have the Masters virtually locked up then butcher the last two like that. It reminds me of Greg Norman a bit.

Good for Cabrera though! Anyone who can win the US Open at Oakmont is a hell of a golfer even if he did whack a tree in the playoff and still win against two guys choking.


Paul P said...

Good post. Bunch of my friends sat down to play poker while we had the baseball going on one TV and the Masters going on another. Wasn't the Tiger-Phil show was just something else? Tiger is incredible though - Phil was happy to have been a part of that but Tiger is pissed because he didn't win. His standards aren't normal.

Toast said...

Poker and golf, fantastic combination if I do say so. Yeah tiger is just ridiculous... he was way off his game and still came reasonably close.