Monday, April 27, 2009

The Sun Came Out

This past weekend was supposed to be amazing, sunny and mid to high 20's (Celsius natch) and Saturday was that indeed. Unfortunately it was also windy as hell.

We've noticed a weird new trend on our golf course, the prevailing wind is running fairly randomly. Normally the wind blows in a certain direction here for most of the time, but we're seeing opposites and seemingly random direction to the gusts on different holes. For example, this year on #17, a 222 yard par 3 I've hit 5i and I've hit driver. I was 20 yards short when I hit the driver, and that's crazy.

So, Saturday was beautiful and windy. I actually played OK but could only manage a rather mediocre 82, which was good enough to win me the money (meager as it might be) but not good enough to qualify as something to get out of bed early for.

Sunday was different. I walked outside and there was a chill in the air. Just before the weekend the forecast showed Sunday would be cool and rainy, which is garbage. It turns out the rain came during the evening and night before, but it was still cool and wet out. This was the first week the group of Sunday regulars were playing. Harry was arriving a few minutes late so we took the last tee time, the 3rd of 3.

As the first group went to tee up from the Blue tees (second from the back) I mentioned to Andy that our group, the final one, would be playing the Blacks. Last year in order to cater to all parties we played Blues for much of the year, but that was a compromise made after deciding to play the Blacks -- not my preference but I'm not normally one to rock the boat and someone else caved. That said, this year our regular group of Matt and Harry decided unanimously "we're playing the Blacks" so I spoke up and said so to ensure there would be no surprises with us not playing the group's gambling game of the day. Of course, this was not well taken by all parties, particularly those who think its crazy to play the tips without lots of roll and 80+ degree weather. A couple of people in those groups said, well, nothing to us after the round and I'm sure had a few choice words about it privately -- I guess they're upset that we've splintered the group, but that's life. I don't apologize for wanting to play the harder golf course.

I shot a very respectable 74 on Sunday, only hitting 8 greens and being pretty mediocre with lots of my clubs. Well, at least I can chip and putt ;)

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